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Phishing scams use the promise of COVID-19 vaccines to trick you

23rd Jan 2021 - During the pandemic, phishing scams have been on the rise. In recent months, cybercriminals have exploited news about vaccines to target unsuspecting recipients. Egress CEO Tony Pepper offers his advice on how to spot a scam.



Cybersecurity: Blaming users is not the answer

22nd Jan 2021 - Creating a blame culture around cybersecurity can sometimes cause more harm than good. Egress CEO Tony Pepper shared his insights on the matter with TechRepublic.


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Cybersecurity predictions 2021: Six experts have their say

28th Dec 2020 - The cybersecurity landscape changed in 2020 - so what's in store for the coming year? CEO of Egress, Tony Pepper, spoke to Verdict about why VC funding for European cybersecurity firms will increase in 2021.


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