Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

Whether sensitive data is entering your business from a third party or being shared by your people – make sure you’ve got the tools to keep it secure.

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Product overview

Secure Workspace

Secure Workspace enables organizations to easily and securely share their most confidential data.

Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing

Our encrypted environment and enterprise-grade permissions allow users to control how others interact with sensitive content.

Collab Anywhere

Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere

A dedicated mobile app and productivity toolkit enable teams to work together securely, wherever they’re based.

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant

Dashboards, detailed audit trails and granular retention policies safeguard compliance.

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Product overview

Secure Web Form

We enable you to digitalize inbound data flows with customizable secure online forms. 

Digitalize Data

Digitalize inbound data flows

We make it quicker and easier for third parties to share sensitive data with your network. You won’t be slowed down by paper-based, manual methods.

Ingestion Secure

Keep data ingestion secure

Our certified encryption, granular controls and AV checks guarantee the security on inbound sensitive data.

Secure Store Data

Securely store data

Secure Web Form seamlessly plugs into Secure Workspace, meaning you can safely store, manage, and control classified data.

Egress Secure File Sharing & Collaboration

Our secure file sharing and collaboration products allow your teams to communicate securely and share sensitive data with other organizations and end users.

Why use a file sharing and collaboration suite?

By combining Secure Workspace and Secure Web Form, you can ensure data remains secure on its journey into and through your business.

Sensitive Data

Keep sensitive data safe

Get results quickly without having to compromise on your data security.

Control Access

Control access

Keep your data in the right hands with our click-of-a-button access permissions and encrypted environment.

Stay Compliant Tick

Stay compliant

Easily demonstrate compliance and avoid costly regulatory fines with detailed reporting.

Digitalize Data

Digitalize data ingestion

Don’t rely on unsecured, manual, and paper-based methods. Boost efficiency and security at the same time.

Enhance Cx

Enhance the customer experience

Offer customers and partners a quick and easy upload experience, with no need for them to create accounts.

Work Faster

Work faster

Fast-track data flows and collaborative processes without compromising on security.

Gartner Peer Insights

Access insights and read about the real-world experiences of IT security leaders and peers at enterprises like yours.

"Using Egress as a file sharing product has been an absolute game changer. From the moment I started using the platform, I felt a sense of confidence and peace of mind knowing that my files are secured."

IT leader in the IT Services industry

May 10, 2023

The perfect, user friendly file sharing platform for a paperless future in the workplace.

IT leader in the Finance (non-banking) industry

Mar 21, 2023

"A fantastic tool backed by a brilliant team. Egress provides a perfect solution for file sharing and collaboration on files while retaining security on where these files are shared to."

Procurement leader in the IT Services industry

Sep 07, 2022

Early intervention enabled by Egress aims to help Welsh Police reduce fatalities on the roads by 40 percent

Secure Web Form and Secure Workspace ticked all the boxes. They offer more functionality than we thought we’d be able to achieve and the encryption control and auditing measures mean we’re confident anything uploaded is protected and compliant without data management requirements.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress to keep sensitive data safe.

Customer stories

“We’ve had immensely positive feedback from users across the business. Our Insurer Relations team in particular are delighted to have a simple and secure way to share information with insurers."

“We selected Egress as it offers comprehensive levels of encryption, control and auditing to ensure that sensitive data is always protected.”

“A real benefit is the full audit capabilities, which enable us to see exactly what our partners are doing – from the documents they’ve accessed, when they accessed them, whether they were downloaded, and any edits made."

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture

Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments.

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Customer story: Crowe UK

Egress Secure Workspace – a file sharing platform Crowe UK can trust.

Datasheet: Egress Secure Web form

Digitize physical data transfer and collection to optimize your business processes.

Egress Secure Web Form simplifies digital data collection, enabling third parties to quickly and easily upload and submit content while encrypting sensitive information.

Datasheet: Egress Secure Workspace

Collaborate seamlessly and securely with colleagues and external parties.

We offer easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration tools so your team can deliver results faster, while keeping personal and commercial data secure.