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Reward and recognition

We want Egress to be the best place of your career
Recognition Skills

Develop your skills

Inhouse and eLearning Accounts for every person

Recognition Career

Career progression

Transparent career paths by role and a 50% promotion target

Recognition Pay

Frequent pay review

Every employee will have their pay reviewed at least annually if not more

If you are a higher performer, you will have higher levels of promotions, training, reward and recognition.
We have detailed career frameworks for every role within every team across Egress making it easy for you to map out the path you wish to take.

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Your performance and development

We give you all the guidance, tools and support you need to perform to your optimum. Every person at Egress has their own login to an appropriate eLearning account for their role, where they can choose from hundreds of hours of personal, soft and technical skills development with helpful curation from our dedicated Director of Learning and Development.

Your career at Egress

We take career progression very seriously at Egress with a target of 50% of all our people either being promoted or expanding their impact significantly within their current role each year. Both are equally celebrated. We have career maps for every job family within the company, where you can work with your manager to define where you are now, where you want to go, and a commitment from us to help you get there through on the job and formal training.

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Thanks to Egress, I was able to kickstart my sales career with confidence. Their empowering approach equipped me with the necessary tools and support to take on responsibility and flourish in my role.
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Recognition Star

Reward and recognition

With quarterly pay reviews, we ensure that every person has their pay assessed at least annually if not more. We not only pay at the higher end of the market rate, we keep pace with inflation on average so you never fall behind as is the case in so many companies.