Prevent accidental and malicious data loss over email

Stop email data breaches. Egress Prevent combines intelligent technologies to detect accidental data loss events and malicious data exfiltration attempts.

Mitigate human activated risk with intelligent email DLP

Organizations lose data every day through human error, non-compliant behavior, and malicious data exfiltration. Intelligent, automatic email DLP helps you:


Prevent human error leading to security incidents

Unsupervised machine learning dynamically detects accidental data loss, such as misdirected emails and files.


Detect data exfiltration by email

Monitor and block reckless and malicious behavior, including sending data to personal email addresses.


Surface human risk insights

Pinpoint individual, departmental, organizational, and supply chain risk for proactive threat management.

Prevent data loss over email in real time

Rules-based DLP alone cannot protect you against the full spectrum of human-activated risk. Egress Prevent is easy to deploy, mobile-device friendly, and combines intelligent detection technologies to identify both accidental data loss events and malicious exfiltration attempts.

Stop email data breaches

A combination of social graph, content analysis, and supervised machine learning can be enhanced with customizable DLP policies.

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Mitigate human error

Intelligent technologies learn normal email behaviors and detect anomalies that are indicative of misaddressed emails or incorrectly attached files.

Icon Detect Malicious Behaviour

Detect malicious behavior

Contextual content analysis combines with DLP rules to detect content anomalies and email behaviors that are indicative of exfiltration.

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Engage users with real-time advice in Outlook

An Outlook plugin provides unintrusive real-time risk assessment as emails are composed.

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Prompts only when risk is evident

Immediately prompts senders with contextual warnings when a high-risk event is imminent. 

Icon Teachable Moments

Real-time teachable moments

Contextual prompts reinforce awareness training, increasing its effectiveness and boosting ROI.

Outlook Addin

Outlook add-in

Mac and OWA users are supported via the Egress Outlook add-in, providing a seamless experience across all interfaces.

Automated, simple-to-deploy security

Self-learning detection technologies require minimal configuration and ongoing maintenance to augment existing security controls. 

Adaptive Security Human Risk Gauge Icon

Human risk scoring

Products automatically dial up their security controls to protect against future threats and positively influence people’s behavior.

Icon Easy Deployment

Easy deployment

Prevent is cloud-based and co-exists with secure email gateways and the native security provided by email platforms, including Microsoft 365.

Icon Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics

Analytics provide visibility of risk and identify non-compliant email usage by potentially compromised accounts and malicious employees.

Learn more about Egress Security Center and Adaptive Security

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From 176 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Email Security as of September 14, 2023.

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How a global accounting firm uses Egress Prevent to enhance client services and data protection

The response to Egress Prevent has been hugely positive. When we first went live, we heard water-cooler conversations where people said how much value it was already adding.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Prevent to prevent data loss over email.

Customer stories

"I know for a fact that Egress has prevented potential data breaches. Since Egress Prevent has been in place, it has significantly reduced the number of potential data breaches."

"We’re dealing with people’s lives, so we have to take a very measured and risk-averse approach. Egress helps ensure that the information our clients entrust us with stays safe and secure."

"We determined that Egress Prevent and Egress Defend used together would give us the perfect combination of user education and autonomy."

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture

Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments

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