Egress Prevent

Stop accidental and malicious data loss

Monitor outbound email traffic and alert users to potential data breaches to stop them before they happen. Tightly integrated into the Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 ecosystem, Prevent protects your organization from data breaches wherever they send emails.

Stop data breaches before they happen

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Intelligent technology that doesn’t just look for data,

but evaluates context, intent, and relationships to appropriately determine risk.


Warn your users of a potential breach at the point of send,

rather than relying on the server to determine what is or isn’t safe.


Maintain regulatory compliance by enforcing information barriers

and stopping data from ending up in places it shouldn’t be, like home devices.

Manchester Airports Group takes their email security to new heights with Egress

"Prevent has demonstrated its value by stopping misdirected emails and any resulting security incident that would have occurred."

Protection for outbound and internal mail

Data breaches are most commonly thought of as data leaving the organization, but they often happen internally as well. Egress Prevent helps you maintain data protection requirements and information barriers so you’re always compliant.

  • Misdirected email protection. Stop users from accidentally sending emails to the wrong/unintended recipient with Prevent’s relationship mapping, avoiding the most common Outlook autocomplete mistakes.

  • Mis-attached file detection. Ensure your users are sending the correct attachment to their recipients with Prevent’s contextual ML and relationship mapping.

  • Content analysis. Egress Prevent uses contextual machine learning, your custom policies and its integration with Microsoft Azure Information Protection to stop users from accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient.

See how we stop misdirected emails and files
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  • Detect data exfiltration. Prevent will detect when a user is trying to exfiltrate data and will either silently monitor or block employees from doing so, depending on the desired configuration. This lets the administrator choose how they would like to handle data exfiltration attempts.

  • Protect information barriers. Many organizations have to follow strict internal data protection regulations, and Egress Prevent allows you to restrict information flow across departmental boundaries helping you preserve ethical walls and maintain compliance.

  • Anti-phishing support. Interrogates display names and analyzes domain hygiene (DMARC, SPF, newly created, impersonation, and block listed status) to spot, and prevent user engagement with potentially harmful emails.

Not your standard DLP

Egress Prevent combines your custom policies with machine learning and the power of our DLP engine to provide intelligent, bespoke data loss prevention and breach mitigation for every one of your users. 

  • Supervised ML. Technology alone isn’t always perfect, so training the algorithms with your custom policies allows it to understand exactly what you need and reduces false positives.

  • Contextual ML. To understand your users’ behavior, Prevent monitors who they communicate with, where they’re located, the time they’re usually communicating, and the content typically shared/discussed. This is used to dynamically detect abnormal behavior.

  • Always learning. Bayesian inference models continuously update Prevent’s risk assessments as more information about user roles and behavior become available, ensuring the most up-to-date risk assessments with each outbound email.

  • Relationship mapping. Prevent uses a relationship map to identify user relationships and interrogate their strength in order to detect unexpected recipients and stop misdirected emails.

  • Adaptive protection. With our Human Risk Scoring feature, you can have each of your users’ security controls automatically dialed up or down based on their risk score.

Learn more about Human Risk Scoring
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Preserve productivity

Introducing too much friction to your users’ workflow makes their job, and ultimately yours, harder. That’s why Prevent only prompts when absolutely necessary and enables users to fix mistakes as they go.

  • Real-time teachable moments. Egress Prevent presents users with a risk shield and side panel display that notifies them of potential risks with their selected recipients in real-time as they compose an email.

  • Point-of-risk alerting. If a user tries to send a risky email, an on-send prompt will alert them to the exact risk or error in their message and provide a suggested fix.

  • Selective prompting. Prompts naturally create friction for users and alert fatigue can diminish their response over time. Prevent will only prompt when a breach is about to occur.

  • Anywhere protection. Prevent protects your users from outbound email risk within Outlook, OWA, or from any mobile device, so no email goes unchecked.

Learn more about how we use real-time teachable moments
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Enhance Microsoft 365

Microsoft delivers well in many business communication areas, but outbound mail protection isn’t one of them. Egress Prevent seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Office 365 to give you what you’re missing without changing how you work.

  • Microsoft Outlook. Hooked to Microsoft Office 365 via an Outlook Add-in (COM or Web), API and Integrated Cloud Email Gateway.

  • Microsoft AIP (Purview). Tight integration with Azure Information Protection allows Egress Prevent to prompt users whenever their emails are about to breach any existing Microsoft AIP sensitivity labels.

  • Mobile & OWA support. Egress Prevent add-ins and Integrated Cloud Email Gateway allow for full coverage for end users, stopping data breaches when your teams are in the office, on the move, and at home.

Enhance your Microsoft 365 protection
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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report: January - March insights

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For the admins

Dashboards deliver comprehensive analytics, including how users interact with advice, so administrators can pinpoint at-risk employees and target training initiatives.

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  • Detailed analytics. Administrators get insight into how users are interacting with Prevent advice across multiple sources of risk, including misdirected emails, data exfiltration, and domain hygiene.

  • Identify risky users. Gain visibility into non-compliant email usage by malicious employees or potentially compromised accounts.

  • In-depth reporting. Dive into detailed reporting per scenario, including latest instances, relevant users and their response to prompts, so you can immediately spot risk and safeguard compliance.

  • Flexible deployment options. Prevent is easily integrated with your environment whether it is fully cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises, and can be deployed without an Integrated Cloud Email Gateway.

Take the Prevent Admin user tour
  • Rapid user onboarding. Get users onboarded in less than a minute when you hook Prevent up to your Active Directory.

  • Single Sign-on. Support for Azure AD, ADFS and compliant SAML SSO providers.

  • Dedicated support. In the rare occasion support is needed, both admins have access to 24/7 hands-on support teams.

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Additional features

  • Integrated security platform. Protect against inbound, outbound, and internal email threat by deploying Egress Defend and Protect alongside Prevent. View the full suite.

  • Prevent & Defend. When deployed alongside Egress Defend, Prevent will prompt users when they’re about to reply to a detected phish.

  • Prevent & Protect. Egress Protect drives users to apply the appropriate level of protection to both internal and external email. Seamlessly integrated into Egress Prevent, encryption can be automatically applied based on content and destination.

  • Other Integrations. Integrate upstream log collation/aggregation services like common SIEM/SOAR solutions, or classification tools like Microsoft Information Protection to drive custom workflows on labelled content.

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From 245 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Email Security as of July 5th, 2024.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Prevent to prevent data loss over email.

Customer stories

"I appreciate the prompt feature when someone is emailing a recipient for the first time, which could help identify a reply to a phishing email."

"People particularly enjoy Egress’ dynamic banners and prompts, which act as safety nets to keep them protected."

"We've had direct feedback from colleagues that Prevent stopped them from making a mistake."

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