Augment your Security Awareness and Training Program

Deliver real-time teachable moments through technology to improve email security behaviors and reduce risk for the long term with Egress Defend.

Traditional training alone is not effective in changing people’s behavior


of organizations train their people periodically


of organizations change their training supplier yearly


of organizations carry out training primarily for compliance purposes

Security awareness and training (SA&T) doesn't influence Type 1 thinking

People are more vulnerable to error when they are in Type 1 thinking. They act quickly and unconsciously, unable to recall historic training. As a result, SA&T programs that deliver generic training content on a periodic schedule are unable to meaningfully change people's behavior at the point of risk, such as when they're responding to a phishing attack or sending an email to the wrong person.  

It’s in these moments that people need intelligent technology to augment SA&T, alerting them to threats in real time and nudging them into more logical, lower-risk Type 2 thinking.

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Egress uses real-time teachable moments to nudge people into Type 2 thinking

We use machine learning technology to deliver real-time teachable moments through our Intelligent Email Security platform.

Our dynamic alerts change based on the current level of risk and offer clear explanations, meaning people remain engaged and responsive over time.

When a threat occurs, these real-time teachable moments nudge people into Type 2 thinking, enabling them to respond rationally and logically.

Learn how we combine intelligent threat detection with nudge theory to reduce risk
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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report: January - March insights

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Dynamic inbound threat detection in Microsoft 365

  • 1 Intelligent anti-phishing detection displayed via dynamic heat-based alerts. Egress Defend delivers anti-phishing banners directly within Microsoft 365, with heat-based warnings that change depending on the level of risk detected. This stops users from becoming desensitized to generic 'external email' warnings and nudges them back to Type 2 thinking with simple guidance when they genuinely need it.
Find out how to enhance your Microsoft 365 protection with Defend
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Easy-to-understand anti-phishing insights​

  • 2 Clear, unobtrusive user interface. When clicked, our alerts take users to a simple interface that offers more detailed guidance.
  • 3 Active user learning. Simple, human language explains why the email is a threat for active, in-the-moment user learning that augments your existing SA&T program.
  • 4 Transparency and understanding for users. A threat meter offers users further transparency to the level of risk so that they can identify threats and take the right course of action.
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Intelligent, real-time alerts to prevent outbound data loss​

  • 5 Real-time feedback. We provide instantaneous and unobtrusive feedback as emails are composed within Microsoft 365.
  • 6 Intelligent notifications. Simple, easy-to-understand prompts only alert users when there’s genuine risk of data loss, such as an incorrect recipient or attachment.
  • 7 Clear explanations of security risks. A discreet panel explains why there’s a risk in easy-to-understand language that supports your SA&T program.

Curious about how Egress Defend can enhance your organization's security awareness and training?


What our customers say

Hear from companies and organizations who use Egress to augment their Security Awareness Training.

"Defend's banners have dramatically increased employees’ everyday vigilance to phishing attacks. They receive real-time nudges based on threats that are targeting them – providing in-the-moment training that enhances their security awareness."

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