Egress Secure Web Form

Secure data submission

Capturing sensitive data has never been so easy. Egress Secure Web Form modernizes your data collection and form-building process, delivering the most secure, customized way to intake customer and third-party data.

Secure forms for every industry

Organizations of all sizes and industries utilize Egress Secure Web Form for building and customizing their sensitive data submission forms.

Office Sign Document

Patient medical questionnaires for Healthcare organizations.

Our products protect patient data for some of the biggest global healthcare companies and the UK's National Health Service (NHS).

Legal Scale

New client intake forms for Legal and Financial Services firms.

We help hundreds of financial services providers, including three of the top five UK banks, avoid data breaches.

Official Building

Evidence submission for Government and Regulatory bodies.

Our technology is certified by government and industry for sharing OFFICIAL data.


Comprehensive security and compliance

Your customers, partners, and other third parties rely on you to keep their sensitive information safe whenever they submit a form. With Egress Secure Web Form, you can rest assured you’ll maintain that commitment and integrity.

  • Fully certified. Accredited with leading certifications, including Commercial Product Assurance and ISO 27001/9001.

  • Strongest encryption standard. Secures data at rest and in transit using 256-bit AES encryption and HTTPS.

  • Malware & content protection. All uploaded files are scanned for malicious activity to prevent malware propagation.

  • File type restrictions. Administrators can effectively protect and control inbound data by restricting certain file types and applying additional user verification.

  • Full auditing & reporting. Maintain compliance with comprehensive auditing and reporting for tracking data entering your organization.

Learn how we keep sensitive data safe

A smoother submission experience

Enhance your customer and third-party experience by making data submissions faster and easier. With input validation and complex logic built in, you can ensure responses are formatted correctly and you’re only collecting the information you really need.

  • No account needed. For a quick and easy upload experience, there’s no need for customers to create accounts, unless you’d like to put in place additional verification for data security.

  • Complimentary uploads. Unlike other providers, third parties can send data and files to your organization at no cost.

  • Upload from any device. Customers and third parties can quickly and securely upload information from any internet-enabled device.

  • Fully-customizable branding. Avoid third-party repudiation and safeguard trust with fully-customizable branding.


  • Conditional validation. Secure Web Form uses complex logic based on responses in different fields to hide or display additional fields. For example, the response to Field 1 will dictate whether Field 2 appears.

  • Easy drag-and-drop. A simplified uploader makes sensitive file sharing easy.

  • RegEx validation. Enforces proper formatting for specific fields, like SSN, email, etc.

For the administrators

By digitalizing your inbound data workflows, you’re already reducing the administrative burden and simplifying your data collection process. With Egress, we’ll take it a step further by building your forms for you. That’s right, you won’t have to lift a finger.

  • White glove service. Our Professional Services team will handle the creation and customization of forms to your exact specifications, including brand requirements.

  • Detailed dashboards. Admins get a high-level overview of total form performance, including global submission activity, number of file uploads, size of file uploads, successful/failed submissions and more. You can also drill down into individual forms to assess their performance and investigate failed form submissions.

  • Secure, flexible hosting. Host shared content either in the cloud or via a hybrid solution and choose from a selection of global data centers.


  • API integration. To help streamline workflow, Egress Secure Web Form can integrate with any of your existing tools via API, like Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.

  • Single Sign-on. Support for Azure AD, ADFS and compliant SAML SSO providers.

  • Dedicated support. On the rare occasion support is needed, admins have access to 24/7 hands-on support teams.


Additional features

  • Egress Secure Workspace Integration. Secure Web Form seamlessly plugs into Egress Secure Workspace, so you can securely store, manage, and control classified data flows. Automatically direct submissions and attachments to assigned zones and folders, then take advantage of two-way collaboration tools. 

  • Granular auditing and compliance. Once data is uploaded to Egress Secure Workspace, a series of dashboards, granular audit trails and fine-grained retention policies help you stay compliant when managing third-party data.

  • Egress Protect Integration. Submitted forms can be sent via Egress Protect in an encrypted mail to ensure end-to-end data encryption.

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Transcribe submitted data to your preferred file type:

  • Microsoft Word

  • PDF

  • Plain text

  • Microsoft Excel

Send data to your tool of choice

  • Via email

  • To an API

  • Salesforce

  • Zendesk

  • Egress Secure Workspace

  • Egress Protect

Select your input fields:

  • Text input

  • Date picker

  • Header

  • Footer

  • Logo and branding

  • Images

  • File uploader

  • Icons

  • Address finder

  • Validation

  • Conditional validation

  • Page title

  • Secondary title

  • Tables

  • Checkboxes

  • Radio buttons

  • Disclaimers

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From 72 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Content Collaboration Tools as of April 4th, 2024.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Web Form to digitalize and secure inbound data flows

Customer stories

"Secure Web Form and Secure Workspace ticked all the boxes. The encryption control and auditing measures mean we’re confident anything uploaded is protected and compliant with our data management requirements."

"The process has been incredibly simple to implement and manage, freeing up staff so they can support the city’s young people.”

"Using Egress has been a huge help with the speed of sharing information between providers. This directly translates into the speed with which we can help our patients."

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