Digitalize and secure your inbound data flows

Digitalize inbound data flows with customizable secure web forms that allow your third parties and customers to easily share sensitive data.

Faster and safer data ingestion

Make it safe and easy for people to upload data into your organization from anywhere.


Accelerate data ingestion

Remove reliance on unsecured, manual, and paper-based methods.

Secure Inbound Data

Secure sensitive inbound data

Allow third parties to safely upload data from anywhere. Files are encrypted and anti-virus checked on upload.

Enchance Cx

Enhance the customer experience

Offer a quick and easy upload experience, with no need for customers to create accounts.

How it works

How to ingest data in a fast and secure way

Secure Web Form makes it quick, efficient, and secure to collect sensitive information from third parties and customers.

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Digitalize inbound data flows

Secure Web Form enhances the third party experience by digitalizing data ingestion, making it quick and efficient for you to collect sensitive information.

Customise Forms

Customizable online forms

Our web forms are easy to configure and come with flexible fields and hosting options, as well as customizable branding to meet your organization’s requirements.

Upload Device (1)

Quick and easy uploads from any device

Third parties can quickly and securely upload from any internet-enabled device at no cost –and they don’t need to create an account.

Keep data ingestion secure

Our robust security frameworks protect your inbound data flows.  Productivity doesn’t need to come at the expense of security.

Accredited Encryption

Accredited encryption

With best-in-class encryption, including AES 256-bit and HTTPS, you can protect information as it enters your organization.

Av Checks Restrictions

File type restrictions and AV checks

Admins can restrict file types and put additional user verification in place as required. Secure Web Form also integrates with anti-virus solutions for network edge security and data privacy.

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Webform Illustration SVG 1

Securely store sensitive data

Secure Web Form seamlessly plugs into Egress Secure Workspace, meaning you can securely store, manage, and control classified data flows in a quick and easy way.

Api Integration

Direct API integration

Our API allows for a seamless transfer of ingested data into a secure environment.  Automatically direct inbound content to specific zones or folders, then take advantage of two-way collaboration tools.

Stay Compliant Tick (1)

Granular auditing and compliance

Once data is uploaded to Egress Secure Workspace, a series of dashboards, granular audit trails and fine-grained retention policies help you stay compliant when managing third-party data.

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From 64 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Content Collaboration Tools as of August 14, 2023.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Web Form to digitalize and secure inbound data flows

Customer stories

"Secure Web Form and Secure Workspace ticked all the boxes. The encryption control and auditing measures mean we’re confident anything uploaded is protected and compliant with our data management requirements."

"The process has been incredibly simple to implement and manage, freeing up staff so they can support the city’s young people.”

"Using Egress has been a huge help with the speed of sharing information between providers. This directly translates into the speed with which we can help our patients."

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture

Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments.

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A guide to web forms

When integrated with Egress Secure Workspace, Egress web forms can send information to a secure storage zone to protect data collected, ensuring that it’s safe for your analysis. In this way they can act as a form of data quarantine, protecting your systems from external attacks.

Customer story: London Councils

London Councils selects Egress Secure Web Form to protect confidential information exchanged between education providers and local authorities.

Customer story: Raleigh Neurology

Egress enhances Raleigh Neurology Associates’ service toolkit with secure email communications.

Datasheet: Egress Secure Web form

Digitize physical data transfer and collection to optimize your business processes.

Egress Secure Web Form simplifies digital data collection, enabling third parties to quickly and easily upload and submit content while encrypting sensitive information.