Netskope technology integration

Behavioral-based email threat detection and response.

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Deep visibility into human risk

Generated by analyzing activities and behaviors across cloud accounts, applications, and corporate email.

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Adaptive security architecture

Automatically adapt each user’s security policy based on their risk score, enriched by data from Netskope One.

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Behavioral-based threat intelligence

Better understand how user behavior across your cloud environment is impacting your security posture to inform remedial efforts.

Automate email security defenses using behavioral threat indicators

“Behavioral patterns can disclose indicators of compromise within every platform and application… Joint Netskope and Egress customers can now enhance their human risk scoring using Netskope One insights and continuously extend their behavioral-based threat detection and response across their cloud environments.”

Unleash the power of Egress & Netskope

delivering behavioral-based email security with intel from across your cloud estate.


Risk shouldn’t be determined by a single source

Egress’ Human Risk Management generates aggregated individual risk scores by combining multiple sources of data, including:

  • Egress product telemetry

  • Open-source intelligence

  • Role-, title-, and tenure-based risk data

  • Behavioral data

  • Cloud user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA)

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Uncover your cloud risk

Behavioral analytics can provide early and rapid indications of compromise, and Netskope’s User Confidence Index (UCI) is comprised of advanced UEBA data from across the Netskope One platform.

By ingesting Netskope’s UCI into Egress, you’ll combine email threat intelligence with that of your wider cloud and cybersecurity ecosystem to generate holistic human risk scores for each individual user to dynamically adapt inbound and outbound email security controls.

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The Egress + Netskope Integration helps you:

  • Elevate threat-hunting capabilities and dramatically reducing time to response.

  • Improve detection of suspicious user activity to automate defenses against advanced inbound and outbound email threats.

  • Eliminate administrative burden with real-time policy management that dynamically adjusts according to each individual’s risk score.

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How to enable Egress Human Risk Management and Netskope Integration

Read our support article on getting set up with Egress + Netskope

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What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

Customer stories

"With advanced UEBA data feeding into our human risk management, we're not just reacting to threats anymore – we're actively hunting them down."

"By combining multiple data sources, including behavioral data and cloud user analytics, we're gaining a more holistic view of our security posture."

"It's like having a personalized security guard for each user, dynamically adjusting policies based on their risk score. This level of protection is a game-changer!"

Success stories told first-hand.

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Software to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

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Egress and Netskope Integration: Behavioral-based email threat detection and response

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Netskope and Egress’ strategic integration delivers unprecedented visibility into human risk and automated defenses that eliminate advanced email threats, tailored to each employee.

Netskope’s User Confidence Index (UCI), a risk score based on user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), combines with Egress threat intelligence and an organization’s wider cybersecurity ecosystem to generate holistic human risk scores for each user and dynamically adapt inbound and outbound email security controls.

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