Our mission

We eliminate the greatest risk to every business - the insider threat.

Egress Human Layer Security
Empowering your people to be your greatest security asset.

The problem

First it was your networks. Then your devices. Now your biggest vulnerability is your people.


of organisations have had security incidents caused by outbound email


the average number of incidents per year - which is one every 12 working hours


more security incidents are caused by outbound email than by phishing

The reality of human-activated threats

Misdirected emails

Careless employees

Malicious exfiltration

Risky behaviour

Unprotected emails

Unauthorised access

People make simple mistakes that can have major consequences.

Employees respond differently to feeling rushed, stressed and tired.

of breaches are due to stressed out and tired employees

Don't always assume your staff have the right intentions.

76% of organisations have suffered data breaches as a result of intentional exfiltration

Remote working has become the new normal, but it also heightens risk.

The change in risk to email security from remote working vs. when employees are primarily office-based (%)

Data is at risk in transit and when it reaches your recipient's mailbox.

Clicking on a malicious link is easy to avoid in theory but employees regularly fall victim to phishing attacks.

The world’s only Human Layer Security platform

Egress Human Layer Security empowers employees to be productive while also being totally secure.

Our patented contextual machine learning prevents human error, and malicious and reckless behaviour.

Egress Defend

Defend against inbound phishing attacks

Linguistic and contextual analysis that stops more inbound email threats.

Egress Prevent

Stop email data breaches before they happen

Contextual machine learning that stops human error on email

Egress Protect

Send and receive secure, encrypted emails

Protect sensitive data end-to-end with leading-edge email encryption

Linguistic and contextual analysis that stops more inbound email threats.

Contextual machine learning that stops human error on email

Protect sensitive data end-to-end with leading-edge email encryption

Our intelligent technology secures your biggest vulnerability

Our Human Layer Security platform combines contextual machine learning, powerful encryption and analytics technologies to prevent human-activated data breaches, protect sensitive data, and enable you to proactively monitor risk.


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Why us?

“It was one of the smoothest deployments I have ever experienced, and the Egress Support team is one of the best I have ever seen.”

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“We selected Egress as it is the only government-certified technology that integrates with Microsoft to provide a ‘one-click’ mechanism to secure highly confidential data.”

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“Think Money Group is now protecting the integrity of their customers’ information, as well as protecting themselves from data breaches and reputational damage.”

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“Egress has made it so much more convenient and efficient to interact with entities and organisations, that are outside the medical system yet bound by HIPAA.”

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“Without Egress, we would have had to buy at least five different systems to meet our information sharing requirements – so it has provided a huge cost saving to us as an organisation.”

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Delivering insight and value

DLP is dead - and here's what to do now

Learn why static DLP solutions have failed to prevent email data breaches and how intelligent Human Layer Security mitigates this risk in a completely new way. 

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2020 Outbound Email Security Report

93% of organisations experience outbound email data breaches, at a rate of one incident every 12 working hours. Read our research for insight into mitigating this risk.

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The link Peter just clicked will cost you $8.6m

Why do people cause data breaches? Register for our upcoming webinar with Cyber Security expert Lisa Forte for a deep dive into the psychology behind insider data breaches.

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