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Government-certified email security

Our email security technology is certified by government and industry for sharing OFFICIAL data (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) over the internet.

We provide easy-to-use and enhanced security for Office 365, as well as integration with Outlook and mobile apps for sharing content securely on the go. Our technology is free for your recipients to use and we use contextual machine learning to minimize friction. We also provide free technical support to your recipients.

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South Ayrshire Council uses Egress Prevent and Defend to enhance security awareness, cut costs, and remove complexity

We also wanted to replace the training we'd been doing via our phishing simulations with something that would truly impact user behavior — and we determined that Egress Prevent and Egress Defend used together would give us the perfect combination of user education and autonomy.

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Enhancing security in Office 365

We help local authorities across the UK realize the significant cost and efficiency benefits of migrating to Office 365 - without impacting security. 

Our Intelligent Email Security suite overlays their Office 365 environments to prevent misdirected email, provides advice about TLS usage, and encrypts sensitive data to public sector and GDPR standard. Our software is also easy and free for recipients to use, and we provide them with provide free customer support too. 

    • Total control over shared data, including email recall
    • Protect personal data to comply with GDPR
    • Free and easy for recipients to use

Why local and state government bodies use Egress


Our Intelligent Email Security software is certified by government and industry for sharing OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) data over the internet. 

Comply with regulations

We prevent common email breaches, such as misdirected emails, and protect sensitive personal data to satisfy compliance with regulations including GDPR.

Free for recipients

It's free for your recipients to read and send encrypted emails. We also provide free desktop and mobile apps, and free technical support.

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Guaranteeing TLS is secure

Our intelligent technology detects whether TLS is properly enabled by each recipient's organization and determines that it's appropriate to use relative to the sensitivity of the data being shared. 

We dynamically notify users as they send emails if TLS isn't properly enabled or suitable, and can automate appropriate security to reduce human error. Local authorities can therefore adhere to GDS guides for TLS use, with clear visibility over the protection being applied.

Augment your Security Awareness and Training Program with Egress
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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report: January - March insights

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Croydon Council

Croydon Council constantly seeks to provide cutting-edge services to its residents and consequently has adopted Office 365 for its cost and efficiency benefits. 

Egress has provided secure email services to Croydon Council since 2011 and remained their partner of choice to overlay their Office 365 email environment with enhanced security. 

"Egress has enabled us to establish a clear, council-wide policy for how to send emails securely. It gives citizens, customers, external suppliers, and third party agencies the confidence that their information is being protected," ICT Project Manager

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Customer stories

"All submissions can be tracked and audited, and confirmation receipts can be generated so that the user supplying the information can be confident that it has been received by their borough."

"As Egress Protect integrates with a range of email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, council officers can share confidential information securely at the click of a button."

“We chose Egress because it is also used by our neighbouring local authorities and fire. Egress provides a single secure communication platform across North Wales.”

Gartner Peer Insights

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"For someone who deals in very sensitive data, it gives you complete reassurance that what you're sending is safe and secure."

Operational Business Analyst in the Government industry

Mar 17, 2023

"I love that users are given a self service ability to see why certain emails can be considered dangerous and what the potential consequences are of interacting with these emails."

Technical Support Analyst in the Government industry

Feb 02, 2023

"Egress has provided us with peace of mind, reducing the likelihood of data breach and keeping our information exchange secure."

Director of IT Operations in the Government industry

May 17, 2023

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