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Breach of Information Barriers

Preserve ethical walls to avoid disclosure of information and conflicts of interest, with Egress Prevent.

The impact of breaching information barriers

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Client churn

Clients will leave firms that are unable to preserve their confidentiality

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Financial losses

Ceasing operations and client churn causes revenue losses

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Regulatory non-compliance

Breaching regulations leads to further financial losses and reputational damage

Static email data loss prevention can’t effectively preserve information barriers 

Organizations need to control internal email communications between employees to prevent conflicts of interest that can lead to severe operational inefficiencies, damaged client relationships, and financial losses.

The static, rules-based email data loss prevention (DLP) offered by Microsoft 365 and secure email gateways (SEGs) is unable to scale to meet the modern enterprise needs. It requires too much administrative overhead to maintain DLP policies, such as when working with multiple clients with similar names. Static DLP is also unable to understand the context in which individuals share information to dynamically prevent emerging risks.

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Enforcing information barriers in email

Egress Prevent uses both supervised and unsupervised machine learning technology to dynamically analyzes risk and uphold information barriers in real-time. As part of the Egress Outlook Add-in and combined with our gateway infrastructure, we enforce information barriers and ethical walls within an organization based on system administrators’ customizable parameters. Keywords, terms, and policies are dynamically managed and synchronized with existing systems and data sources within the organization.

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Intelligent email DLP that upholds information barriers

  • 1 Content analysis for sensitive or identifiable data. Customizable policies scan the subject line, message body, and attachments for sensitive data such as client names, project titles, accounting information, or other specified keywords and expressions.
  • 2 Recipient analysis, including domain.
  • Our technology interrogates both the recipient and their domain to detect any potential breach or conflict of interest.
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Dynamic alerts that offer clear explanations of risk

  • 3 Dynamic alerts correct sender behavior in real time. Senders who try to breach information barriers are presented with a clearly worded prompt that explains why content shouldn't be sent to the recipient. Sending can be blocked entirely based on your organizational policies.
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Cut through the noise to highlight the risks that matter

Reporting on risks such as breach of information barriers in your email flows can be manual and slow. Even worse, systems can throw too much unnecessary information at you, making it harder to make timely and effective decisions.

Egress Prevent's intelligence platform provides simplified dashboards and critical insights so that administrators can quickly cut through the noise, identify email security risks and, where necessary, remediate.

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Actionable intelligence

Data and analytics should not overwhelm you with information. Updated in real time, our intelligence dashboard offers insights and statistics into email details, risk levels, authentication checks, communication history, and how your people interacted with Prevent prompts.

Discover how Egress Prevent can uphold information barriers on emails throughout your organization.


What our customers say

Hear from companies and organizations who use Egress Prevent to prevent against data breaches caused by breach of information barriers and ethical walls.

The response to Egress Prevent has been hugely positive. When we first went live, we heard water-cooler conversations where people said how much value it was already adding.

Trusted by global organizations

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