Human Layer Security

Intelligent email protection that eliminates human-activated risk.

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People and technology aren’t a perfect mix.

Egress & TAG Cyber’s latest report explores this imperfect relationship and how it relates to a technology your business uses every day: email.  Learn more about human activated risk and it's potential impact to your organization.

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Egress Intelligent Email Security

We use contextual machine learning to secure your human layer and protect data shared by email

Machine learning that stops email security breaches

Machine learning that stops email security breaches

Make sure you’re emailing the right content to the right people, every time.

Our contextual machine learning analyses message content, recipients and domains all in real time to deeply understand user behaviour, spot anomalies and remove the risk of a costly breach.

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Beyond Microsoft 365 controls

Beyond Microsoft 365 controls

Every 12 hours, organisations experience email security incidents that native controls in clients such as Outlook for Microsoft 365 can't mitigate. 

Using the latest in intelligent technology, we're able to detect email security risks and stop security breaches before they happen.

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Securing your digital transformation

Securing your digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation at an unprecedented rate.

Our intelligent technology puts security at the heart of new digital communication processes, including email and secure file transfer, protecting you from non-compliance with regulations and litigation by data subjects. 

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Intelligent Email Security

We provide the only solution to use contextual machine learning and powerful encryption technology to prevent breaches and protect data, as well as provide detailed reporting for admins.

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Secure File Sharing & Collaboration

Our enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration solutions make it easy to securely receive and share data in large files, including multimedia, across teams or departments.

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