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Prevent email data breaches with Human Layer Security.

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How do I open a secure email from Egress?  Find out

Egress Intelligent Email Security

Our end-to-end email security platform encrypts sensitive data and identifies risky behaviour to increase effectiveness and prevent breaches

Prevent human activated security breaches

Prevent human activated security breaches

Make sure you’re emailing the right person, every time.

Built using contextual machine learning, our technology inspects content, evaluates behaviour and analyses risk in real time to mitigate common security threats such as misdirected emails and spear phishing.

emails secured daily 75,000,000
Protect sensitive business data

Protect sensitive business data

Secure your personal and commercially sensitive data.

Our intelligent technology calculates the level of risk every time an email is sent, recommending the best way for employees to protect sensitive data in line with your security policy and compliance requirements.

Egress users 7,000,000
Investigate and measure risk

Investigate and measure risk

Get the full picture of risk across your email network.

Comprehensive admin dashboards and reporting allow you to measure the effectiveness of your security tools and pinpoint areas of risk within your organisation.

enterprise clients 1,000+

Our software is used by the top global investment banks, healthcare providers and government organisations worldwide.

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Intelligent Email Security

We provide the only solution to use contextual machine learning and powerful encryption technology to prevent breaches and protect data, as well as provide detailed reporting for admins.

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Secure File Sharing & Collaboration

Our enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration solutions make it easy to securely receive and share data in large files, including multimedia, across teams or departments.

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