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Our standard mutual non-disclosure agreement

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We use oneNDA for engagement with both prospects and suppliers.

oneNDA was created collaboratively by a group of leading law firms and in-house teams with input from the wider legal community.  The terms of oneNDA have been discussed extensively in order to make it balanced, fair and easy to understand.

oneNDA is non-negotiable and only requires the parties’ information to be entered on the first page.

Why we use oneNDA

We enter into hundreds of non-disclosure agreements each year with prospects and suppliers.  Whilst we previously had our non-disclosure agreement as an online webform, we found that there were still a significant number of situations where we were presented with draft documents to review, edit and discuss.  This all takes time.

We were therefore looking for a solution that had more credibility than us simply presenting our own non-disclosure agreement in an easy to use electronic format. 

Having been adopted by some huge multinational companies, oneNDA is just what we were looking for, particularly as awareness of it in the marketplace continues to grow.  It has been created with the purpose of removing the time that we, our prospects and suppliers have previously spent reviewing and negotiating different NDAs for each engagement, when in reality, the same clauses are generally required.  

This all means that we and those we engage with, can move quickly to the more interesting part of discussing use cases, solutions and opportunities without compromising on the protection of the information we share.

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