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Find out more about our upcoming virtual events, tradeshow appearances, and sponsorship gatherings, or watch one of our on-demand webinars on a range of cybersecurity topics.


Saepio Webinar
February 1, 2024
Securing Success: The Business Value of People Centric Security

Saepio is hosting this amazing virtual event on the business value of people centric security. This webinar will feature speakers discussing the cyber risks involving humans, and the security layers needed to protect them. Featuring Egress' VP of Threat Intelligence, Jack Chapman, to discuss the importance of human risk in email.

Altinet Webinar Laptop Graphic No Background
February 27, 2024
Email Security Trends in 2024: How do you compare?

Email security risk remains high. The 2024 Email Security Risk Report shows that almost every organization had email security incidents in the Microsoft 365 environments. Join this session with Altinet's Adam Butler and Egress' Jack Chapman as they unpack the report's findings to see how your organization compares.

Fitzrovia Webinar (2)
February 29, 2024
Enhance your email security in 2024

The 2024 Email Security Risk Report shows that almost every organization had email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments. Join this webinar to hear from cybersecurity experts Dr. Martin J. Kraemer, KnowBe4, Anuj Mehta and Daniel Stanbury, Fitzrovia IT, and Jack Chapman, Egress, as they analyse email security trends in 2024.

Spear Shield Suffolk Social Graphic
March 1, 2024
Suffolk Security Social.exe

Join the Suffolk cyber community at our cybersecurity event, hosted by Spear Shield, at the Ipswich Town Football Club's Portman Road Stadium. Enjoy an exclusive stadium tour, discuss the latest threats and trends in cybersecurity and network with industry peers in the Suffolk area.

March 3-6, 2024
FS-ISAC 2024 Americas Spring Summit

Join us at FS-ISAC 2024 Summit to share collective knowledge and experience along the tracks of intelligence, security, and resilience.

KB4 Con
March 4-6, 2024
KB4-Con 2024 Securing the Future: AI and the Human Layer

Come with in Florida for KnowBe4’s premier annual conference, bringing together KnowBe4 customers, channel partners, security advocates, keynote speakers, and industry professionals.

HTC 2024
March 5-7, 2024
Housing Technology Conference 2024

Come and see us at the #1 technology conference in housing to build your network and watch a range of a fantastic presentations on cyber security.

March 6, 2024
Zero Day Con 2024 - Evolve Cybersecurity Conference

Step into Zero Day Con 2024 with us to discover groundbreaking cybersecurity innovation alongside other key industry thought leaders.

Cyber Security Summit
March 12, 2024
The Official Cybersecurity Summit - New York

This exciting 13th Edition of the New York Cybersecurity Summit allow us to network with C-Suite & Senior Executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts.

Cyberwhite Webinar
March 28, 2024
Enhancing email security in Microsoft 365

Last year, 94% of organizations experienced inbound and outbound email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments. Join this session to hear from David Horn, CyberWhite, and James Sheldrake, Egress, as they analyze current email security trends.

Brewers Vs. Twins Social Media (1)
April 2, 2024
Egress and SHI Brewer's home opener exclusive suite

Be part of an exclusive experience as Egress and our partner, SHI, host you at the Brewer's home opener against the Minnesota Twins on April 2nd. Relax in style in an exclusive suite at the American Family Field Stadium, enjoying some fantastic hospitality and the opportunity to network with industry peers from across a range of sectors. Secure your spot by registering now!

CIO Visions Las Vegas
April 21 - 23, 2024
Visions - CIO Leadership Summit

Come to Las Vegas and learn alongside your peers who are driving innovation in IT to discover cybersecurity strategies.

Screenshot 2024 01 24 154407
April 21 - 23, 2024
Visions - CIO + CISO Leadership Summit

Twickenham Stadium will be converted to a peer-led leadership-focused event for qualified professionals to research new solutions in the cybersecurity space.

Rsa Conference (1)
May 6 - 9, 2024
RSA Conference 2024

Join us at the RSA Conference 2024 Expo in San Francisco, where some of the industry's leading companies will present cutting-edge products and solutions that can help you secure your organisation.

Btlf Logo
May 14, 2024
British Legal Technology Forum 2024

Europe's leading legal IT event will bring together like-minded individuals to showcase innovations and offers a platform for learning and discovery.

Infosecurity Europe London Logo 10258
June 4 - 6, 2024
Infosecurity 2024

Come along to the ExCel to learn from IT security experts, connect with the industry and help organisations find solutions that complement their existing cyber defences.

Black Hat Usa Logo
August 3 - 8, 2024
Black Hat USA 2024

Unite with others from the InfoSec community to uncover the latest research in information security risks, developments and trends.

Alternative Legal IT Conference
September 17 - 18, 2024
The Alternative Legal IT Conference 2024

Join us at the UK's largest technology-focused events exclusively for the professional services market.

On demand webinars

Knowb4 Integration Og Image Updated
December 2023
KnowBe4 & Egress: Delivering integrated AI-based adaptive email security and training

Join KnowBe4’s Enterprise Sales Engineer Bas Van Der Hoeven and Egress’ Head of Innovation James Sheldrake as they showcase the value of products working together to deliver AI-based adaptive email security and training.

Nhs EEAST (1)
November 2023
East of England Ambulance Service Trust: People are your biggest risk and are most vulnerable when using email

In this customer webinar, Stephen Bromhall and Dean Ayres from EEAST discuss the latest threat trends, including phishing attacks on public sector organizations, as well as an analysis of the tangible positive impact Egress Defend has had for EEAST

Human Risk Summit HAR 2023 Event Sidebar Tile
October 2023
Human Risk Summit

The next evolution of cloud email security has arrived. Hear from industry thought leaders for insight into managing human risk and adaptive cloud email security.

Microsoftteams Image (45)
September 2023
Shields Health Solutions: A new paradigm in email security

In this customer webinar, Hear from Rob Fountaine, Principal Security Engineer at Shields Health Solutions, and Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Customer Officer at Egress, as they discuss using intelligent technology to augment Microsoft 365 and the impact of Egress Intelligent Email Security in detecting and preventing inbound and outbound threats

Fitzrovia Webinar 11 2023 (1)
September 2023
Howden Group: People-Centric Approach to Prevent Targeted Fraud Emails

Watch this customer webinar to learn how to prevent data breaches. Hear from Carl Johnson, Head of IT Governance at Howden Group Holdings, and Mike Fardell, CIO at Howden Insurance Brokers.

Altinet Webinar Laptop Graphic
September 2023
Altinet: The Next Layer of Email Security in Microsoft 365

Altinet and Egress discuss the findings from our recent email security survey and how to enhance your email security defenses in Microsoft 365.

AS Header Image
July 2023
Adaptive Security - The next disruption in Cloud Email

Hear Egress CEO Tony Pepper and VP of Product Steve Malone discuss how Adaptive Security is revolutionizing the way organizations assess risk and manage human error.

June 2023
Newcastle City Council: Enhancing anti-phishing defenses in Microsoft 365

In this customer webinar, Tom Bone, Information Security Manager for Newcastle City Council, discussed government phishing threats with Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Customer Officer at Egress.

Untitled Design
June 2023
AI and Phishing: What’s the Risk to Your Organization?

With the launch of ChatGPT starting an arms race to develop generative AI, 72% of cybersecurity leaders are concerned that cybercriminals are using it to enhance their attacks.

Housing21 Webinar
Housing 21 Enhances Microsoft 365's Defense with Egress Defend Against Advanced Phishing

In these customer webinar clips, hear how Housing 21, a prominent not-for-profit social housing provider, uses Egress Prevent and Defend to augment its defense system against advanced phishing attacks that would have otherwise bypassed their SEG.

Linklaters Webinar
May 2023
Using machine learning to make email DLP work ​at Linklaters

91% of organizations experienced outbound email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environment, with 86% suffering negative impacts as a result.

Recognise Bank Webinar
April 2023
Recognise Bank: Leveling up phishing defenses in 2023

In this customer webinar, join Recognise Bank’s Head of Information Security Ashley Venn in conversation with Egress' CRO Mark Lendon and VP of Threat Intelligence, Jack Chapman as they discuss the risk to organizations from advanced phishing attack and more

Bird And Bird Webinar
March 2023
Preventing email data loss and preserving client confidentiality at Bird & Bird

Join this customer webinar to hear Martyn Styles, Head of Information Security for Bird & Bird, discuss the pivotal role of email DLP for modern law firms.

Email Security In 2023 Webinar Tile 724X407 47Kb
March 2023
Email Security in 2023: Threat trends, attack examples, and how to enhance your defenses in Microsoft 365

Research shows that almost every organization have had email security incidents in the last 12 months. As a result, enhancing email security in Microsoft 365 is a top priority for CISOs globally.

Privsec Logo
January 2023
PrivSec: Last Thursday in Privacy

As part of Data Privacy Week, PrivSec are hosting the 'Last Thursday in Privacy' event giving insights into global challenges and opportunities. Join Jack Chapman, Egress' VP of Threat Intelligence, for a panel session on the day titled 'Insider Threats: If Prevention is Impossible, How Can Companies Avoid and Fortify?'

December 2022
Today’s email threat landscape and why security is failing you

There may be a few reasons why your security is failing you and your company. This webinar will feature two industry experts from Egress

1343 Case Study Webpage Headers DESKTOP 1920X850 Batch 1 Family Law
December 2022
Levelling up Your Law Firm Against Advanced Phishing Threats

88% of law firms have suffered phishing attacks that led to credential theft, client and corporate data exfiltration, systems being infected with malware and ransomware, and financial losses from fraudulent activity.

AI 600X400 41kb
November 2022
The Security of Artificial Intelligence

 Like any technology, AI presents an attack surface, so you need to understand it to understand the risk associated with it.

Top Ransomware Attacks 555X300
October 2022
The personal impact of a ransomware attack

In this talk, we will look at the real-world reality of a ransomware attack and how it is the humans you employ who can make this a success or a failure to be cited in infosec talks forever more.

Insurance Money 600X400 33Kb
October 2022
Cyber insurance: Lessons learned from post-breach reality

In this session, Megan Ryan, Hiscox Insurance, will share her insights into cyber insurance and remediation trends, particularly how they’ve seen post-breach reality differ to original expectations.

Training 555X300
October 2022
Leapfrog from SA&T compliance-as-a-strategy, to actual behavior & culture change

Security remains plagued with the legacy of compliance-driven, security awareness & training tools and methods. As more transformational security and tech leaders and vendors realize the importance of the human element, and the ineffectiveness of how we are addressing human related challenges, we will start to move towards behavior and culture change. 

Artificial Intelligence Help 600X400 34Kb
October 2022
Cutting through the hype of artificial intelligence in cyber security

Join this session to gain an insight into the common AI technologies used in cyber and the questions your need to ask the vendors touting them.

Cybersecurity Data 365X325 36Kb
October 2022
Is the cyber security industry selling snake oil?

The cyber security industry is a hotbed of start-ups bringing technologies to market that solve the complex problems created by the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

HAR Heroimg Tradeshow Thumbnail V3
September 2022
Human Activated Risk Summit

Cut through the hype on key topics, including AI, defense in depth, and security awareness training.

Hacker Toolkit 590X300 46Kb
August 2022
Turning a Hacker’s Toolkit Against Them

Toolkits make a hacker’s life easy and democratize cybercrime. These kits are constantly evolving, but it is imperative that defenders understand how they work so that they can create defenses to protect their organization.

July 2022
Keeping pace with emerging threats

In this timely session, Egress' Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Ben du Parc Braham, offers advice on how to keep up to date with the threat landscape.

Intelligent email security lady typing in office
July 2022
SANS Protects: Prevalent Threats to Enterprise Email

In this webcast, Egress' VP of Threat Intelligence Jack Chapman is joined by other cybersecurity experts to discuss prevalent threats to enterprise email, how adversaries abuse them, and steps your organization can take to mitigate these threats.

Cyber Threat 365X195
June 2022
Insider Threats: Detecting and Mitigating the Threat From Within

Egress' VP of Product, Steve Malone joins this discussion, where the panel explores how organizations can detect insider threats and offer advice on the steps businesses can take to protect employees, customers, and their overall brand.

Ransomware Hack 396X264 24Kb
June 2022
Best Practices for Detecting, Preventing and Recovering from Ransomware

Ransomware continues to cause huge losses and harms across the globe. But taking a proactive approach to security and business continuity can reduce the likelihood of falling victim to an attack—and reduce the damage that occurs if you are targeted.

June 2022
The Human Element: fixing the behaviors that lead to breaches

Cybercriminals continue to launch increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks. Coupled with a rise in human error, it’s no surprise that 85% of today’s security breaches involve a human element.

Working Laptop Human 600X400 38Kb
June 2022
How to reduce human activated risk

Human activated risk is introduced into organisations by sophisticated phishing attacks, human error and malicious insiders. To reduce this risk, organisations are adopting new defences which engage and empower users to help them become part of the solution.

Whitepapers Insider Report 2020 555X300
April 2022
Inside job - investigating the malicious insider threat

Insider risk is the most complex cybersecurity issue to solve, why are malicious insiders the biggest concern? According to IT leaders, it's not simply the bad taste left by a formerly trusted colleague turning rogue and deliberately doing harm. 

March 2022
Data Privacy and the Evolution of Client Phishing Attacks

This roundtable discussion brings together key players within the sector on how to mitigate the loss of client information as well as breaking down the elements of risk.

Doctor Healthcare Worker Tablet 358X193
March 2022
The Healthcare & Pharma Breach – Who’s the more prominent target, the patient or the company?

Healthcare organizations are a desirable target for cybercriminals looking to exfiltrate patient data, defraud providers of funds, or even cause civil disruption by using malware and ransomware to interrupt daily operations.

Preventphishemail 600x400 316kb
January 2022
View from the top: How to empower people to stop phishing attacks

Watch our recent webinar for actionable insights on stopping inbound email attacks and empowering employees to become security advocates

Legal Industry
November 2021
Why your law firm needs to layer your email security in Microsoft 365 for maximum protection

While Microsoft 365 is the world’s go-to productivity platform, its native functionality can’t stop all outbound email data breaches. As a cybersecurity professional, it is crucial to examine the next layer to your email security defense.

July 2021
Why ransomware is a global threat to your organization

Email phishing is the primary method for criminals to deliver ransomware, and it's estimated that this is how 94% of attacks are delivered. Being able to stop the delivery of ransomware is the key to breaking the kill chain and stopping it for good. 

Healthcare Industry
July 2021
Private Healthcare: Why you need intelligent email security

Email is a vital communication tool for organizations globally but email is also the top security risk for healthcare providers as employees accidentally leak data everyday.

Datasheets Intelligent Email Schools 555X300
May 2021
Expert insight: How to prevent email data loss without disrupting business

This exposes organizations to a wide range of risk caused by human error. In fact, IT leaders in the healthcare industry reported there has been a 46% increase in data loss via email since remote working began. This exposes organizations to a wide range of risk caused by human error. In fact, IT leaders in the healthcare industry reported there has been a 46% increase in data loss via email since remote working began.

Business People Looking At Graph Stats Risk Istock 985884916
April 2021
Threats of the future: Predicting and mitigating the next wave of insider risk

Insider risk is an ever-changing paradigm, with organisations needing to predict and adapt to emerging threats. In this session, we’ll examine the insider threat landscape and the future direction of risk, providing practical advice and guidance for mitigation strategies.

Hands Laptop Email Security 555X300 44Kb
April 2021
Data-driven security: Using machine learning in the battle against breaches

Static DLP technologies and have failed to stop insider data breaches because they’re unable to anticipate that people’s behaviour changes and detect when it does. Instead, organisations are implementing intelligent technologies, including contextual machine learning, to empower people to work productively without risk. 

Insiderthreat 600x400 360kb
April 2021
Panel discussion: The impacts of insider data breaches

From damage to client relationship and remediation efforts, to talent retention, the impacts of insider data breaches are felt organisation-wide. In this panel session, security leaders will analyse the true impacts of insider breaches and offer guidance on how to handle them.

Hlsglobal Apr2021 Website555x300
April 2021
Human Layer Security Global

Join Human Layer Security Global to hear from industry thought leaders and top brands about how this changes insider risk and what you need to do to keep sensitive data secure now and for the future.

Harners Logo 310X200
March 2021
Trading on trust: How Harneys are using email security to protect client data and revenue generation

In this customer webinar, hear Mike Duff, CSO at Harneys, discuss email security for law firms during the pandemic and how to use technology to protect revenue streams.

Datasheets Webform 555X300
April 2021
How you can prevent data loss and maintain compliance in your email system with Virgin Money

Hear from Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress and Kathryn Cardose, Head of Cyber Operations at Virgin Money as they discuss the risks that enterprises face from email, and the strategies you should be taking to prevent security incidents.

March 2021
Expert insight: Email security for investment management firms

In this webinar, Rachel Wilson, Head of Cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley, will join Egress in conversation about the key considerations for email security to support employees - wherever they're based and whatever device they're using! 

Why Box Security And Control 600X400
March 2021
Under pressure! Satisfying Regulatory and Client Security Demands

This live virtual roundtable will explore the balancing of regulatory and client security demands and the critical role that technology offers. Speakers will offer insight into maintaining operational efficiency, whilst striving to achieve and ensure the primary goal of excellent client service delivery.

Law 600x400 195kb
March 2021
Preventing Email Errors From Leading to Lawsuits

Data breach litigation is the new PPI – and outbound email is revolving door for claims! We’re moving into a new era of data protection: with class action lawsuits becoming an inevitable and costly outcome of almost every data breach. 

Whitepapers Hipaa Healthcare 380X205 13Kb
March 2021
Protecting patient data with Intelligent Email Security at CSN Care

Join this webinar to hear Sathees Kanna, Head of Information Technology at CSN Care, in conversation with Mark Lendon, Senior VP of Sales at Egress. Together, they’ll discuss the email-borne threats organisations face, why and how people put sensitive data at risk, and how intelligent security that uses contextual machine learning can prevent email breaches and protect patient data.

March 2021
A Growing Trend: Class Action Cases

Class actions are on the rise with high profile organisations Oracle and Salesforce hit with GDPR class action lawsuits over the use of third-party cookies for ad tracking and targeting across several countries. With more EU citizens taking legal action, this could spread across the globe. This panel will explore this growing trend and predictions for 2021 and beyond.

email dlp laptop phone 600x400 24kb
March 2021
The failures of static DLP and how to protect against tomorrow's email breaches

 It is not an understatement to say that legacy email DLP technologies have failed you. In response, you need to understand how advances in intelligent technology can keep confidential and proprietary information safe on email.

January 2021
Embracing intelligent email security at Robert Walters Group

Watch this webinar to hear how leading recruitment agency Robert Walters Group has taken a new approach to tackling this insider risk with Egress Intelligent Email Security alongside sep2’s cybersecurity expertise.

Eu Flag Gdpr 600X400
October 2020
Safeguarding customer confidence: Taking email security beyond GDPR at Envision Pharma Group

Hear from Paul Wilkins, Global Head of IT at Envision Pharma, and Rebecca Bailey, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager at Egress as they discuss the inherent risks caused by people using email, limitations in legacy approaches, and the role of intelligent technology that uses contextual machine learning to mitigate security breaches.

Finance 555X300
August 2020
Intelligent email security and advanced DLP in financial services

Hear FDC Data Protection Lead Jessica Perrott and Egress Senior Product Marketing Manager Fahim Afghan as they assess the real-world risk of email data breaches in financial services, and examine the role technology plays to mitigate this risk and keep proprietary data safe.

Merthyr Tydfil Customer Story (1)
August 2020
Preventing email data breaches in UK local authorities – Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council case study

Hear Egress customer Ryan James, Information Security Lead at Merthyr Tydfil, and Egress Chief Product Officer Sudeep Venkatesh as together they explore the changing risks to sensitive data in UK local authorities and the urgent requirement for intelligent email security to mitigate threats.

1343 Case Study Webpage Headers DESKTOP 1920X850 Batch 1 BDO
June 2020
Embracing intelligent email security at BDO

Join BDO’s Chief Digital Officer Phil Ruelle and Data Protection Officer Melissa Pardoe as they assess the risk of email data breaches in financial services, explain how to build a business case for intelligent email security, and offer advice ensuring these efforts are more than a box-ticking exercise by integrating technology with existing policy requirements.