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Increase user productivity and reduce administrative burden with advanced graymail detection.


of graymail is sent directly to the inbox by Microsoft


of a senior executive's mail flow is graymail


of an average user's received mail is graymail

Graymail is a time suck

Unlike phishing, graymail isn't inherently malicious. The intent of the message is good, but it floods inboxes and makes prioritizing difficult. 

Graymail is also subjective. Different employees find different emails useful, which makes graymail hard to classify. Moreover, users often report graymail as phishing, draining administrative time and reducing productivity across the organization.

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High-efficiency graymail detection

Egress' advanced graymail solution leverages Defend's patented AI-based phishing detection functionality, which uses zero trust models and neural networks to prevent behavioral-based threats. This enables Egress to intelligently classify graymail and move it to a dedicated folder before reaches the inbox.

As a result, Egress' graymail detection provides immediate time to value straight out of the box, without having to learn user behavior before it can add value.


Dedicated graymail folder

Applying this advanced detection methodology, Egress surfaces priority messages within the inbox, while reducing the noise in the inbox by segmenting graymail.

Messages detected as graymail are automatically put into the user’s _Graymail folder, where they are accessible for users to engage with them at the appropriate time. 

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Email productivity: Advanced graymail management as part of Egress Defend

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Customizable classification for full end-user control

An interactive banner is added to each message that is routed to the graymail folder, which provides a simple workflow for employees to re-categorize emails and divert them back into their mailbox. Users’ preferences are automatically learned by Defend, allowing users to customize their own experience without any management overhead

This avoids the potential for misclassification of legitimate email that comes with self-learning graymail detection systems, while eliminating administrative overhead for graymail management.

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Egress Defend Graymail Detection helps you:

  • Improve user productivity. Keep users focused on work-related email, and eliminate the frustration of sorting through unwanted/unimportant mail.

  • Reduce false alarms. Automatically move graymail out of the inbox so it’s less likely to be falsely reported as a phish.

  • Keep users happy. Allow users to decide what they do and do not want in their inbox with graymail customization.

  • Get time back. By eliminating the noise in your own inbox, you’re able to focus on urgent messages and address other issues more quickly.

  • Prove ROI. Demonstrate consideration of overall business objectives through a joined goal of improved security and increased productivity for the whole organization.

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Email productivity: Advanced graymail management as part of Egress Defend

Improve organizational productivity and reduce administrative burden with advanced graymail detection.

Learn how Egress’ advanced graymail solution leverages Defend’s patented AI-based phishing detection to intelligently classify graymail and move it to a dedicated folder before it reaches the inbox.

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