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Email data loss prevention (DLP)

Organizations lose valuable data every day. Learn how to protect your data from human error and deliberate exfiltration.

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Email DLP

Everyone uses email, making email DLP a vital tool for preventing data breaches. Explore our dedicated email DLP hub.

BYOD & data exfiltration

The ‘bring your own device’ culture & data exfiltration occurs when a company's data is deliberately compromised.

TAG Cyber: Reduce human activated risk

TAG Cyber’s latest report explores this imperfect relationship and how it relates to a technology your business uses every day: email.

2021 Data loss prevention report

With more data being shared comes the increased likelihood of a breach - and with employees burnt out from the pandemic, the risk in 2021 is higher than ever.

Protect against malicious insider

Some of the most devastating data breaches originate with malicious insiders. Detect and mitigate these threats without adding unnecessary friction for legitimate users.

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S 3 Maliciousinsiders

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