BYOD & Data Exfiltration

The ‘bring your own device’ culture (or BYOD, as it’s known) presents a security challenge to businesses because these devices could inadvertently transfer harmful malware or viruses to the business network. In simple terms, data exfiltration occurs when a company's data is deliberately compromised.

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What is BYOD & Data Exfiltration

Bring your own devices (BYOD) explained

Bring your own devices (BYOD) explained

What is data exfiltration?

Understand how and why data leaves your organization without your consent.

Top security considerations when using BYOD

Make sure you've got the security basics covered with our expert guide on the risks and mitigations. 

Five tips for preventing data exfiltration

Follow these five expert tips to keep your business safe from the risks of data exfiltration. 

Data Loss Prevention

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