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Our human layer security platform wraps a protective layer around your people, empowering them to work more securely and productively.

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Intelligent Email Security

We use contextual machine learning and advanced DLP to stop misdirected emails and attachments, protect sensitive data with the right level of security, and quantify and measure risk across your email network.

Our risk-based approach enables you to comply with stringent data protection regulations while reducing friction for your employees and clients.

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File Sharing and Collaboration

Our Secure File Sharing and Collaboration platform offers a safe and simple way to share content both internally and with the outside world, securing sensitive data without getting in the way of business productivity.

An easy user experience with enterprise-grade security controls allows third parties to quickly and securely share confidential information with your users, empowering them to deliver faster results.

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Key benefits


We help your employees remain productive and work efficiently, whilst keeping them and the data they share secure.


Our intelligent email security wraps protection around users to stop human-led data breaches before they happen.


We proactively investigate and analyse data flowing into and out of your organisation to keep you compliant across the board, from GDPR to CCPA.


By combining contextual machine learning with the latest in encryption and analytical reporting tech, we protect you against email data breaches.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by G2 Crowd Read our reviews

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