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LegalTech Talks  

This session will explore the authentic nature of risk, which will focus on user behaviour, the internal security culture and delve deeper into insider threats. The Panel explore how an awareness of insider risk, including human error, supports the overall strategy for firm resilience.


Overcoming human error in email security 

Join this panel of security experts to explore the changing risks to sensitive data and the urgent requirement to put people first - for intelligent email security to mitigate risks and empower people to work efficiently and securely. 

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Policing in the pandemic: A case study of accelerated secure digital transformation at Devon and Cornwall Police 

No organisation has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic – not least, our local police forces. But how do you deliver services into the heart of the community while maintaining your distance? For Devon and Cornwall Police, the pandemic has accelerated secure digitisation, enabling them to reduce face-to-face contact where appropriate, while also free up officers’ time and increase organisational efficiency.

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Advanced legal data loss prevention with Legal IT Insider 

Join us for a free webinar in partnership with Legal IT Insider, where Egress' Chief Product Officer Sudeep Venkatesh, will be discussing the main causes of data breaches within Law firms and how contextual machine learning can be used to mitigate these risks.

Length: 60 minutes 

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