Easy to use, certified email encryption

Enable secure and compliant communication without adding friction. Egress Protect makes it easy for your teams, customers, and partners to use encrypted email to collaborate securely.

Protect against human activated risk with email encryption

Every day, emails conveying sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands. Easy to use push and pull email encryption helps you:


Encrypt confidential data

Our certified email encryption offers the highest levels of protection and assurance.


Easy recipient access

Streamline authentication for trusted recipients using Microsoft and G Suite native credentials.


Flexible access controls

Use multi-factor authentication and rights management technology to protect highly sensitive data.


Communicate securely and easily with anyone

Encryption often introduces a high administration burden and user friction. Egress Protect guards against data breaches by reducing human activated risk. Easy to use, certified encryption with flexible user controls and automatic encryption options supports your security policy.

Stop email data breaches

Simple user workflows and flexible email protection options enhance your data security while avoiding unnecessary user and IT complexity.

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Certified, AES 256-bit encryption

Protect your emails with industry-standard encryption that offers the choice of push and pull delivery models.

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Automatic or sender-initiated email protection

User controls include restriction of forwarding and printing, disabling attachment download, expiry date and digital watermarking.

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Reduce user friction

Reduces the user friction often associated with email encryption to ensure widespread adoption

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Easy-to-use sender controls

Emails can be encrypted or decrypted seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook or on iOS and Android devices.

Outlook Addin

Outlook add-in

Mac and OWA users are supported via the Egress Outlook add-in, providing a seamless experience across all interfaces.

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Flexible authentication options

Balance risk and usability with single-use links, shared secrets and biometric authentication to reduce friction for email recipients.

Avoid infrastructure complexity

Egress Protect integrates simply with your existing email infrastructure and places minimal administrative burden on your IT team.

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Cloud and on-premises flexibility

Easy to implement cloud-based and on-premises deployment options support your information security policy.

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Automatic policy-based encryption

Granular controls support low administration overhead while comprehensive audit and reporting help meet regulatory requirements. 

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Communicating sensitive healthcare information securely

Without Egress Protect, we would have had to buy at least five different systems to meet our information sharing requirements – so it has proved a huge cost saving to use as an organization.


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