Egress Protect datasheet

Guard against data breaches with easy to use, certified encryption.
Published on 26th Feb 2024

Encryption is often perceived to add significant complexity and user friction. Egress Protect guards against data breaches caused by human activated risk by offering easy-to-use, flexible email encryption that intelligently applies security in proportion to the risk of a breach.

Automatic encryption ensures emails are secured based on our security policy. Flexible sender controls and recipient authentication options significantly reduce the user friction often associated with encryption to support widespread adoption.

Key benefits:

  • Certified encryption protects against data breaches by reducing human activated risk
  • End-to-end encryption protects emails that are intercepted in transit
  • Automatic policy-based encryption and granular user controls lower administration overhead
  • Flexible sender controls and recipient authentication reduces user friction
  • Policy-based encryption completely removes the burden on the sender
  • Comprehensive audit and reporting help meet regulatory requirements
Screenshot of a user's encrypted email; they are alerted that they have a new secure email from John Doe, and a button to open it securely.

Low friction, simple recipient experience

Government and industry-certified data security

Egress Protect provides government- and industry-certified security and authentication for protecting email content and attachments, including large files, in transit and at rest. Granular controls allow user flexibility and support low administration overhead, while comprehensive audit and reporting help meet regulatory requirements.

Protect’s AES 256-bit email encryption supports multiple use cases to align with your security policy. It also supports multi-factor authentication, customizable policy control, and access to secure information via mobile devices.

Egress exceeded our expectations and met all of our business requirements as sending an encrypted email was as simple as sending a normal email.

Greg Taylor, Head of IT, Ward Hadaway

Flexible authentication with minimal recipient friction

Authentication doesn’t need to be painful. Egress Protect’s flexible authentication techniques support your recipient’s requirements by offering a range of ways to authenticate, providing a balance between risk and ease-of-use.

Recipients can sign into their complimentary Egress account, or use a shared secret only known to them and the sender. Alternatively, with one-click access, trusted partners can access sensitive emails securely without authenticating, removing friction from the process and enhancing their experience.

Key benefits:

  • Push and pull AES 256-bit encryption for emails and files
  • Recipient access options include Egress ID with SSO support, one-time URL or pre-shared secret
  • User email classification using an Outlook plugin
  • Automatic encryption through integration with existing classification tools
  • Automatic encryption and user prompts based on Egress Prevent DLP policy
  • Fully cloud-based, hybrid or on-premises implementations


Unlock more value from your existing technology ecosystem investment through native Egress integration with Microsoft 365, SIEM/SOAR, Security Awareness & Training and more.

Email encryption and file transfer made easy

Egress Protect integrates with Microsoft 365 to provide one-click email encryption, while mobile apps allow for easy and secure data sharing on the go. Users can also encrypt large files when shared via email, bypassing the usual email platform size limitations and removing reliance on less secure, free alternatives.

Protect’s easy-to-implement cloud-based and on-premises deployment options support your information security policy. Automatic encryption and user prompts can also be set to integrate with your Egress Prevent DLP policy.

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