A more secure way to collaborate

Securely share files internally and with your supply chain.

Share from anywhere, knowing your data is protected.

Secure Workspace makes it easy for users to upload, control, and share documents securely with teammates and external partners.

Sensitive Data Safe

Keep sensitive data safe

Our encrypted environment offers enterprise-grade access permissions at the click of a button.

Work Faster

Work faster

Our mobile app and productivity toolkit enable teams to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere.

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant

Detailed reporting helps you to demonstrate compliance and stay clear of burned reputations and regulatory fines.


How Secure Workspace boosts your productivity and security

Share files securely with teammates, third parties, and customers–all while staying seamlessly compliant.

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Secure file sharing

Secure Workspace lets you easily and securely share your most confidential data both internally and with your supply chain.

Secure Zones

Secure zones and folders

Zones act as secure containers, making it easy for you to clearly organize content within folders and keep sensitive content safe from unauthorized access.

User Permissions

Comprehensive user permissions

With access permissions and controls, accredited security frameworks, and flexible authentication, your team can stay in control while sharing sensitive documents internally and with external partners.

Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere

Secure Workspace makes it easier to share content and deliver work remotely – all while keeping your data safe.

Workspace Mobile

Secure Workspace for Mobile

Enable your people to securely upload, organize and share multimedia from anywhere using our dedicated Egress Secure Workspace for Mobile app.


Real-time file editing

Our productivity toolkit comprises real-time file co-editing, PDF annotation, and file requests so your teams can collaborate when and how they need to.

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Stay compliant

Secure Workspace reduces the risk of litigation and fines with a comprehensive and feature-rich auditing toolkit that safeguards compliance.

Recycle Bin

File retention and recycle bin

System admins can set file retention policies that automatically delete files after a specified timeframe.


Dashboards and comprehensive audit trails

Granular audit logs track the date and time of all user and administrator activities, including opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads.


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How a law firm shares sensitive client data and documents

We selected Egress Secure Workspace as it offers comprehensive levels of encryption, control and auditing to ensure that sensitive data is always protected.

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Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments.

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Egress Secure Workspace works in concert with our full suite of file sharing and collaboration tools to mitigate inbound and outbound threats.

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How Egress Secure Workspace keeps your business compliant

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