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A faster, more secure way to share files. Easily and securely share, control, and collaborate on files with teammates and external parties without hindering productivity.

Trusted by organizations of all industries for secure file sharing.

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Enabling secure collaboration for Government and Regulatory bodies.

Our email technology is certified by government and industry for sharing OFFICIAL data.

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Supporting Healthcare and Emergency Services organizations on-the-go.

Our products protect patient data for some of the biggest global healthcare companies and the UK's National Health Service (NHS)

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Maintaining Compliance for Legal and Financial Services firms.

We help hundreds of financial services providers, including 3 of the top 5 UK banks, avoid data breaches.

Comprehensive security and compliance

File sharing and collaboration providers often forego security to improve the user experience, but this makes them susceptible to malware dissemination and compliance failures. Egress Secure Workspace keeps users productive without sacrificing security.


  • Fully certified. Accredited with ISO 27001 certification.

  • Strongest encryption standard. Secures data at rest and in-transit using 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Malware and content protection. Unlike other file sharing and collaboration tools, all uploaded files are scanned for malicious activity to prevent the propagation of malware.

  • Multi-factor authentication. Egress uses MFA on top of Azure AD to strengthen security and prevent unauthorized account access.

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  • Access restrictions. Granularly control zone member permissions to prevent unauthorized downloading, editing, or sharing of files.

  • File revocation. Complete recall for when sensitive files are shared in error, or a recipient is no longer authorized to access content.

  • Full audit log. Gain full visibility into the date and time of all user and administrator activities, including file opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads, to track data leaving your organization.

  • Neutralize malicious code. Gain full visibility into the date and time of all user and administrator activities, including file opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads, to track data leaving your organization.

  • File retention and recycle bin. System admins can set file retention policies that automatically delete files after a specified timeframe.

See how Rossendale Borough Council keeps sensitive information secure with Workspace

Robust user experience

Our productivity toolkit comprises real-time file creation, co-editing, PDF annotation, e-signatures, and file requests so your teams can collaborate when and how they need to.


  • Real-time file editing and creation. Users can edit documents in real time individually or as part of a team, including collaborative PDF annotation. Our own Egress editor makes it easy to edit files even if you do not have a Microsoft 3365 license.

  • Full version control. All file changes are tracked, and users can easily revert to previous file versions if needed.

  • Electronic signatures. Ditch the paper courier process and digitize your signing process with the secure and fully audited e-signature feature.

  • File request. Users with the appropriate access to a space can create a shareable link, and whoever they share it with can upload confidential data without being able to access the Workspace.

  • Zone creation. Users can create their own Zones, which are secure compartments within your Workspace, that they’ll have unique control over, including access restrictions and delegated permissions. Customers can choose to create Zone templates with pre-configured access policies for quick collaboration.

  • Zone chat. Each Zone has a chat feature where users can discuss what they are working on, ask questions, and closely communicate on projects. If a user deletes a chat, the chat thread can be exported, and all of the original messages will be visible.

  • Access timeboxing. Users can add time restrictions for when others are able to access data within a Zone, so they can control how long others have access to files or the Zone itself.

  • Public file sharing. This provides easy recipient access to non-sensitive files to anyone with the link. Publicly shared files also come with a customizable disclaimer to safeguard intellectual property.

  • Domain-level sharing. Zones, folders and files can be shared with a specific domain, granting access to all users of that domain.

  • Mobile app. The Egress Secure Workspace for Mobile app allows users to securely upload, organize and share files with a Workspace, whether connected to a network or not, keeping your sensitive files safe while delivering critical work faster. As soon as a network is available, the app instantly uploads all files to the online Workspace.

  • Shared device. For users out in the field, multiple people with unique IDs can access the mobile app on a shared device so you won’t need one device per person, limiting hardware costs.


For the admins

As an administrator, you’ll have, and be able to delegate, complete control over the entire Workspace, including how users can create and interact with their Zones. Dashboards, detailed audit trails and data retention policies provide everything you need to build an effective chain of custody and avoid a regulatory violation.


  • Detailed dashboards. Admins can access an organization-wide view of Egress Secure Workspace, complete with usage statistics, file activity, and volume metrics.

  • Full auditing and reporting. Gain full visibility into the date and time of all user and administrator activities, including file opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads, to track data leaving your organization. The audit log can also be filtered to show system security events for IT & Security teams.

  • Custom roles. Access for specific job roles are customizable and don’t come preconfigured as each organization has their own access requirements. Setting custom role access also helps so you don’t have to set permissions on a per user basis.

  • Custom retention. Fully customizable data retention with strict compliance rules that are aligned to the sensitivity of your data, and recycle bin settings can be set up for files and folders, or entire Zones.

  • 3TB of data. Each customer is allowed up to 3 terabytes of data out of the box, with the ability to purchase more if needed.

  • Single Sign-on. Support for Azure AD, ADFS and compliant SAML SSO providers.

  • Dedicated support. On the rare occasion support is needed, both admins and recipients have access to 24/7 hands-on support teams.


Additional features

  • Better together. Integrate Egress Secure Workspace with Egress Secure Webforms for customizable data capture and streamlined business workflow. See the full product suite

  • Microsoft integration. Hooked into Microsoft Office Online to give you a seamless editing experience.

  • API integration. To help streamline workflow, Egress Secure Workspace can integrate with any of your existing tools via API.

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From 72 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Content Collaboration Tools as of April 4th, 2024.

How a law firm shares sensitive client data and documents

We selected Egress Secure Workspace as it offers comprehensive levels of encryption, control and auditing to ensure that sensitive data is always protected.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Workspace to keep sensitive data safe.

Customer stories

"Without Secure Workspace, we wouldn't be able to work with the small agile firms creating cutting-edge technologies."

"Egress allowed us to share our NHS data with emergency services, so they could stop at the homes of those who were elderly or suffering. We know Egress saved lives."

“It was the right choice for The National Archives to adopt Secure Workspace. Overall, our FOI management process has become simpler and easier.”

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture

Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments.

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Collaborate seamlessly and securely with colleagues and external parties.

We offer easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration tools so your team can deliver results faster, while keeping personal and commercial data secure.

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Egress Secure Workspace – a file sharing platform Crowe UK can trust.