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How can we turn a hacker’s toolkit against them?

Understanding a hacker’s tools and tactics can help you create better defenses.

Crypto and phishing – how criminals are cashing in

Find out how criminals use targeted phishing campaigns to access users' digital wallets and steal their money. 

The FTC are cracking down on illegal data sharing

If you use apps, your sensitive data could be more at risk than you realize – which is why the FTC is cracking down on criminals leveraging your personal data.

Watch out for this zip file scam

Find out about threat actors’ new methods of infiltration – and how to avoid them.


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Egress Solutions

Protect against data breaches by reducing human activated risk

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Even though phishing attacks aren’t new, the problem keeps getting worse. Detecting and stopping phishing more effectively requires a combination of more intelligent techniques.

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Many successful breaches start with an unintentional error by a trusted user. But roadblocks aren’t the answer. Empower users to work more securely.

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Some of the most devastating data breaches originate with malicious insiders. Detect and mitigate these threats without adding unnecessary friction for legitimate users.

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Ransomware has reached a crisis level across industries and geographies. Mitigating human activated risk is one of the most powerful steps you can take to protect your organization.

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Moving email to the cloud unlocks access to a wide range of integrated security capabilities. Make the most of your investment and eliminate critical gaps.

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Third-party security solutions may still play an important role once you move email to the cloud. But it’s critical to eliminate protection gaps and avoid unnecessary complexity.

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Auditing every business in your supply chain to ensure their security policies and controls meet your standards is extremely difficult, and there will always be a weak link.

Learn more about stopping supply chain attacks