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Netflix email impersonation attacks up by 78%

We’ve seen a 78% increase in email impersonation attacks involving Netflix since October. Here’s everything you need to know about the scam, including what the emails look like, how they work, and how you can protect yourself.

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How can we turn a hacker’s toolkit against them?

Understanding a hacker’s tools and tactics can help you create better defenses.

Crypto and phishing – how criminals are cashing in

Find out how criminals use targeted phishing campaigns to access users' digital wallets and steal their money. 

The FTC are cracking down on illegal data sharing

If you use apps, your sensitive data could be more at risk than you realize – which is why the FTC is cracking down on criminals leveraging your personal data.

Watch out for this zip file scam

Find out about threat actors’ new methods of infiltration – and how to avoid them.

How do hackers choose their victims?

Learn how attackers choose which organizations and individuals to target with phishing.

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Email security solution buyer’s guide – new from Osterman Research

Osterman Research have produced a buyer’s guide to help IT and security professionals research, evaluate and choose an email security solution.

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