Account Takeover

Stop phishing attacks that lead to credential theft, with Egress Defend.

The real threat of account takeover attacks


increase in account takeover attacks in the first six months of 2022


of compromised passwords are still being used


of account takeover victims use the same password for multiple online accounts

ATO is rapidly increasing

Account takeover is a formidable threat to organizations because once an attacker has a user's credentials, they're easily able to exacerbate their damage.

Traditional signature- and rule-based detection methods can't stop them, because any emails that threat actors are sending from the hijacked account are coming from a legitimate source with a network of trusted relationships.

Stats V2 Account Takeover
Solutions ATO 1

Intelligent detection of phishing attacks from compromised accounts

  • 1 Brand impersonation. Attackers will often impersonate well-known brands, like Microsoft, to increase their likelihood of tricking the user. Egress Defend treats emails like this as highly suspicious.
  • 2 Natural language processing to detect credential theft. Egress Defend analyzes emails for signals of potential credential theft. Password reset emails are often used to scrape a user’s credentials for account takeover. 
  • 3 URL scanning. The URL appears innocent to the recipient. Egress Defend performs URL inspection on delivery and point-of-click, detecting that it’s maliciously redirecting elsewhere.
Solutions ATO 2

URL rewriting to stop employees visiting phishing websites

  • 4 Time-of-click URL inspection. Egress Defend performs time-of-click inspection to detect malicious URLs that are weaponized post-delivery. Here it shows the lookalike domain used by the threat actor. 
  • 5 Link redirect analyzed. Our simple user interface explains that the link redirects after clicking to another suspicious webpage where the credential harvesting would take place.
  • 6 Employees are blocked from visiting phishing websites. Even if your users miss all the warning signs, Egress Defend will stop them from visiting the malicious site altogether, preventing the takeover.
Solutions ATO 3

Cut through the noise to highlight the risks that matter

Reporting on threats such as attempted account takeover attacks in your email flows can be manual and slow. Even worse, systems can throw too much unnecessary information at you, making it harder to make timely and effective decisions.

Egress Defend’s intelligence platform provides simplified dashboards and critical insights so that administrators can quickly cut through the noise, identify email security risks and, where necessary, remediate.

Solutions ATO 4

Actionable intelligence

Data and analytics should not overwhelm you with information. Augmented threat intelligence into attack types, payload, and supply chain health give Security teams what they need to take decisive action that mitigate threats.

Our real-time threat feed offers insights and statistics into email details, type of attack, threat levels, authentication checks, communication history and how your people interacted with the email.

Interested in how Egress Defend would prevent ATO attacks in your organization?


What our customers say

Hear from companies and organizations who use Egress Defend to prevent against Account Takeover attacks.

We already had the default, out-of-the-box EOP controls deployed in Microsoft 365, but we were aware that advanced phishing attacks are engineered to get through them.

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