Egress Intelligent Email Security

The only cloud email security platform to continuously assess human risk and dynamically adapt policy controls to stop advanced inbound and outbound threats.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Email Security

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Adaptive Security Ies

Detect and prevent inbound and outbound email threats

People represent the biggest risk to organizations and are most vulnerable when using email. Combining an adaptive security model with intelligent detection capability, Egress Intelligent Email Security:  

Icon Protect Benefits Stop Leaks

Prevents advanced phishing threats, data loss, and data exfiltration

AI models and a zero-trust approach combine to detect the full spectrum of phishing threats and anomalies in human behavior that lead to data loss and data exfiltration

Icon Empower

Provides continuous education using real-time teachable moments

Contextual banners and prompts are delivered at the point of risk, augmenting security awareness and training through real-time teachable moments.

Adaptive Security Human Risk Gauge Icon

Continually assesses risk to dynamically adapt enforcement

Aggregated human risk scores for each individual user are used to dynamically adjust security controls, providing automated and tailored protection.

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

Customer stories

“We can see that employees are paying attention to the real-time prompts and actively changing their behavior.”

"With the introduction of human risk management, we now have a holistic view of our riskiest users hour by hour."

“[Defend's] banners have also dramatically increased employees’ everyday vigilance to phishing attacks.”

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture.

Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments. 

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Metropolis International Group transitions from static SEG to Microsoft 365 and Egress

Switching from our SEG to Egress has elevated our email security and significantly reduced administrative burden, all while saving on unnecessary costs.

Why choose Egress?

We’ve architected a single email security platform that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 to augment its native security and stop the inbound and outbound threats that secure email gateways (SEGs) miss.

1594 Why Egress Icons V2 1 97 Attacks

Stop up to 97% more attacks

Protect your organization from the attacks that matter most, including business email compromise, supply chain compromise, and ransomware.

1594 Why Egress Icons V2 2 10X More Data

Uncover 10x more data breaches than previously reported

We use contextual machine learning and social graph technologies to understand individual behavior by analyzing who they share data with, and the content they usually share.

Icon Behaviour Abnormalities

Detecting the threats that Microsoft 365 misses

Our technology integrates seamlessly into Microsoft 365, detecting the phishing threats that get through its native security and preventing data loss caused by human error and exfiltration.