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Egress offices

Find the addresses and locations of our offices in the UK, US and Australia

London (HQ)

  • White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, 12th Floor, Old Street, London, EC1Y 8AF, United Kingdom
  • +442039879666


  • Acero, 3 Digital Campus, Concourse Way, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S1 2BJ, United Kingdom
  • +442039879666


  • Festival House, Jessop Avenue, 3rd Floor, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH, United Kingdom
  • +442039879666


  • One Marina Park Drive, Suite 1410, Boston, MA 02210
  • +16178556055

New York

  • 408 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, United States
  • +16178556055


  • Spaces, 80 Ann Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000
  • +61731329170

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to questions our users frequently ask, or check out our Support Center for detailed guides.

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It is always free to reply or send a message to a paid user who has a license.  Every free account starts with 25 credits for composing messages.  You will not be deducted a credit when emailing with a paid user who has a license.

If you have no credits remaining, you will still be able to send a message to a paid Egress user, but not to non-Egress customers.

Information for Free Users

Before you can open a secure email, you will need an Egress account.  If you don't already have one, you can create one.


Opening a Secure Email:

1. Anytime you receive a secure email, you will obtain a notification in your normal email inbox.  To access the message, click on the "Open Secure Email" button.

2. This will open a webpage prompting you to sign in or register.  Please enter your Egress ID (Email Address) and Password.

3. Once you have successfully logged in, your secure email will display within your web browser. You can reply to this email through the ‘Reply’ button at the top of the message.

Using the Secure Access Web Portal

If you've forgotten your Egress password, but remember your security questions and answers, you can reset your password.

If your Egress account is linked with your Windows log-in (ADFS), please contact your Egress Support Contact.  This is usually your company's internal Help Desk or IT Manager.


Forgotten both your password and answers to security questions?

Free Users and Recipients:  Please log a ticket with us and Customer Services can reset your account.  Often the answers are typos or variations of the answers you have provided - including answers you've attempted in your ticket submission will help speed up the reset process.

Paying Users:  Please contact your Egress Support Contact.  Egress staff are not able to reset your password, but can direct you to your internal support manager.

Support for Credentials

Your Egress ID is your email address.

To ensure that you are able to open Egress Secure Emails successfully, please ensure that you register on our service using the email address that the Secure Email was originally sent to.

Registering an Egress ID