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Our people

We have nearly 300 people globally, based across 7 locations: London, Sheffield, and Cheltenham in the UK; New York and Boston in the US; Toronto, Canada; and Brisbane, Australia


of our workforce are from BAME backgrounds


of our managers identify as female


different nationalities represented

Egress history

October 2007

Starting out

Egress is founded in London, UK, by CEO Tony Pepper, COO Neil Larkins and CSO John Goodyear. 

Tony, Neil and John met when working together at Reflex Magnetics, a data security company that was later acquired by Checkpoint Software Technologies. They launched Egress following this success. 

March 2010

Egress Protect launch

We launch our first security solution, Egress Switch.

Now known as Egress Protect, our email encryption software was adopted by a network of local authorities based in London and quickly spread throughout the wider public and corporate sectors in the UK.

February 2014

Series A funding

We successfully receive Series A funding of $2.8m from Albion VC, helping to accelerate our rapid growth. 

Albion VC partner Ed Lascelles joins the Egress board, where he continues to serve, and uses his expertise to help us transition from start-up to scale-up. Albion would later fill Egress' Series B funding round as well.

March 2016
Egress Prevent popup reading "You wouldn't normally include or with the other recipients on this email. Are you sure you want to send?"

Egress Prevent launch

We launch the product now known as Egress Prevent, which ensures emails and attachments are sent to the right people, mitigates spear phishing, and applies appropriate protection to sensitive data.

This innovation creates a new category of security technology: human layer security, which uses intelligent machine learning to prevent insider data breaches.

December 2018
Egress Software Technologies Navy

Series C funding

We receive Series C funding totalling $40m from FTV Capital and Albion VC. This investment starts a period of hyper-growth for Egress.

Kyle Griswold, Partner at FTV Capital, joins the Egress board to help steer the direction of this new growth.

June 2021
Egress Defend 555 300

Egress Defend launch

Egress acquires cutting-edge NCSC Accelerator company Aquilai, an anti-phishing provider with machine learning and natural language processing technology that stops targeted email attacks.

The acquisition sees the launch of Egress Defend, with founder Jack Chapman joining Egress as VP of Threat Intelligence, along with many members of the Aquilai team.

Our diversity group, by our people for our people

Find out why Culture Club is important to our people
As someone with experience of sexism and homophobia, I know providing a safe, welcoming workplace is the most important thing we can do
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Important to understand and celebrate various cultures, festivals, and events across the workforce. Good vibes that attract and retain employees
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A safe space, where we can arrange events for cultural/international days, get insight into different beliefs, and uplift one another!
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Egress spotlights

Meet some of our team, who sat down to share their experiences of working at Egress.

Meet some of our amazing people across teams and locations


Jordan Mertel

Account Director, New York

People at Egress are inspiring and kind to work with, at all levels and I always feel supported.

Lucy Holmes

Account Director, London

Egress is full of opportunities for career progression, with lots of support to help achieve your potential. There is a great culture here, with lively offices that make it a fun place to work.

Bobbie Darrock

Head of Sales APAC, Brisbane


I contribute to cutting edge engineering projects; driven by the most talented engineers I know.

Hannah Clough

Staff Software Engineer, Sheffield

I love the inclusive culture here in Egress and the fact that I'm constantly encouraged to grow.

Jing Xu

Staff Software Engineer, Sheffield

I work with a great team and develop products that protect real people.

Tom Hazell

Staff Software Engineer, Defend Tech Lead, Cheltenham


As a working mother of 2 young kids, I love the flexibility Egress provides me.

Casey Connelly

Director of Demand Generation, Boston

Egress encourages and gives everyone the opportunity to try out new things.

Elisha Watson

Digital Designer, London

I am truly valued and heard. You’re not just another number here, you’re a key part of the company’s success!

Marco Flores

Demand Generation Manager, Boston

Customer Services

I love the lively environment where collaboration is a priority, every day is a new challenge!

Qasim Mahmood

Senior Technical Client Services Manager, Sheffield

Egress gives everyone the opportunity to thrive whilst always supporting its people as no. 1.

Alexis Bowen

Customer Support Manager, Sheffield

I feel empowered! My principles, beliefs and goals are acknowledged, people are valued here.

Beyza Avci

Professional Services Engineer, London

Product Management

Innovating to solve customers problems with an amazing group of people, what's not to love.

Mark Toshack

Principal Product Manager, Cheltenham

A great place to challenge and develop your skills. Fast-paced and you’re constantly learning.

Munn-Tzin Bong

Principal Product Manager, London

Egress is a fast-paced environment, with a bunch of clever folks building great products together!

Max Cowley-Beadman

Senior Product Manager, Sheffield