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We are always looking for excited candidates to join our growing team. Learn more about what drives us, and check out open positions!

As you’d expect from one of the fastest growing tech companies in the security space, we offer exciting career opportunities for a variety of experience levels within a range of departments – from Development and QA, to Sales, Marketing and Data Analytics.

We work hard to ensure we provide supportive and collaborative environments for our employees, even more so now in a world where collaboration means video calls and environment means your own home!

What we stand for

Our four core values are deeply rooted in everyone at Egress. They stand for who we are and who we aspire to be, and they inform how we choose to behave every day.

Despite our rapid growth and experience we’ve still got that grit and hustle. We’re driven to get the job done. We raise our hand. We do what we say. We finish what we start.

We step out of our comfort zones. Market leading innovation only happens when we try new things together, so we choose to be brave, fail fast, learn fast and celebrate our inevitable successes.

We take our relationships very seriously. We care deeply about the experience of every employee and every customer. We choose integrity, even when it’s uncomfortable. We put people first and do right by them.

We are customer obsessed. Our people stretch to seize every opportunity, pushing what’s possible to the next level, while remaining grounded and humble. Our fresh thinking and high standards ripple across teams, the business and beyond.

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Your next career move?

Egress continued to grow last year despite everyone working remotely for most of it, hiring 85 new people and with 100+ new Egressers required in 2023 there are opportunities across the board to join us on our journey.

We are now back to running our monthly paid for social activities as our offices continue to get busier! For those who are working remotely, we can’t promise the coffee you have in your kitchen will be as good as the free ones we have in the offices but the people you share it with will be just as warm and welcoming. We want the best people wherever you are in the UK and North America so please do get in touch!

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Working in our tech teams

Our technology is created from the ideas and innovations of everyone in the company. We encourage active engagement, so all employees can bring their ideas to the table - whether you're a developer implementing the latest technology or an account manager supporting a customer's feature request.

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Looking after our people

Our distinctive company culture creates the warm atmosphere that's our greatest asset even in a remote environment - we make every effort to maintain this through a variety of training and education programmes, regular companywide update calls, an extensive mental health support network and as many Zoom quiz nights as you can shake a stick at!

We also constantly strive to give all our employees the support they need to take advantage of every opportunity we can offer to maximize their potential - and make sure they have fun doing it along the way!

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Starting your career

Many of our most-valued team members joined us at the start of their careers, which is just one of the many reasons why you should do so too! As well as providing the support you'll need to get started, we also offer a 'promote-from-within' culture, which means you'll be give lots of opportunities to develop your skills and push ahead in your chosen field. 

We also provide paid yearly placements for undergraduate students, with many returning to us on a permanent basis when they finish their studies.

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Egress is a Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work highlights

We're happy to be here

85% of employees surveyed think we are a Great Place to Work

You're welcome at Egress

94% of employees surveyed agree that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome

Rest when you need it

92% of employees say they are able to take time off from work when they think it is necessary

We're LGBTQ+ friendly

98% of employees surveyed think that people at Egress are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation