Abuse mailbox automation

AI-powered phishing investigation and remediation.


of user-reported emails are false positives

30 minutes

spent by administrators manually investigating and remediating each threat


reduction in investigation and remediation with Egress Defend

Manual abuse mailbox hygiene is burdensome

Abuse mailboxes play a crucial role in organizations, serving as centralized hubs for reporting malicious emails such as phishing attempts and spam, but managing them is cumbersome.

Egress Defend Abuse Mailbox Automation offers a transformative solution, harnessing the power of AI to streamline email investigation, fortify threat detection capabilities, and alleviate the burden on security analysts.

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AI-powered inspection and remediation

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Egress Defend automates the inspection of user-reported phishing emails, significantly reducing response times and enhancing threat detection accuracy.

Seamlessly remediate phishing emails across the enterprise, swiftly addressing current threats, subsequent emails within the same campaign, and polymorphic attacks, minimizing exposure to threats.

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Centralized intelligence

Egress Defend's Threat Feed integration collects and analyzes data points from various sources, giving your IT security team an eagle-eye view over the evolving threat landscape across the organization. Stay informed, stay proactive, and outmaneuver potential attacks before they hit.

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Abuse Mailbox Automation: AI-powered phishing investigation and remediation

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Full administrator control

Analysts retain full control over investigations, with complete visibility into user reporting and automated remediation processes and flexibility to conduct manual investigations and remediation, ensuring granular control when nuanced investigation is required.

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Egress Defend Abuse Mailbox Automation helps you:

  • Reduce response time. Cut analyst investigation time by 98%* and boost precision in threat recognition.

  • Maintain control over threat response with the ability to conduct manual analysis for nuanced investigation.

  • Compound threat intel to improve response times for new threats with centralized insights.

  • Gain transparency over all reported and actioned phishing incidents to ensure compliance and showcase ROI.

Metropolis International Group transitions from static SEG to Microsoft 365 and Egress

"Defend’s automatic remediation function is a standout for us — removing malicious emails from everyone’s inboxes at scale without requiring any additional input from the team."