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Enhance Microsoft 365 protection

Egress Intelligent Email Security seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 to protect your organization from advanced phishing attacks and email data loss.

Modern enterprises need intelligent email security integrated in Microsoft 365


of CISOs say client and corporate data is at risk on email


of organizations have fallen victim to a phishing attack


of organizations have suffered an outbound email data breach

Organizations remain vulnerable to advanced phishing attacks and data loss

The native functionality in Microsoft 365 offers valuable foundational email security capabilities. However, advanced phishing attacks still get through its signature-based detection, while static data loss prevention can’t account for the anomalies in behavior that cause accidental and intentional security breaches. 

Organizations must enhance Microsoft 365’s native security with intelligent email security. 

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Preventing inbound and outbound email security risks in Microsoft 365

Integrated seamlessly into Microsoft 365, including support for Mac and OWA users, Egress Intelligent Email Security is fast to deploy and provides immediate value.

Augmenting Microsoft’s native security, Egress detects the advanced threats that Microsoft misses, as well as prevents data loss and exfiltration with minimal user friction. Our dynamic alerts provide real-time teachable moments that improve security behavior for the long term.

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Stop 38% more phishing attacks than Microsoft 365 alone

  • 1 Meta-data analysis. Egress Defend inspects headers, email authentication, and location to analyze an email's authenticity.
  • 2 Payload analysis. Egress Defend detects malicious payloads, including attachments and malicious URLs that are weaponized on and post-delivery.
  • 3 Linguistic analysis. Natural language processing (NLP) detects common phishing tactics, such as credibility statements and emotive phrases.
  • 4 Dynamic alerts show real-time risk. Simple explanations of risk are offered only when a threat is detected.
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Prevent data loss from misdirected emails and wrong attachments

  • 5 Recipient analysis. Social graphing and contextual machine learning algorithms deeply understand a user’s relationships to detect any anomalous recipients.
  • 6 Domain analysis. Assesses historic domain interactions for authenticity in order to spot deviations from normal behavior or lookalike domains.
  • 7 Interactive & customizable feedback. Egress Prevent provides instantaneous feedback as the user composes their message, without negatively impacting their workflow.
  • 8 Clear explanation of risk. An interactive threat panel highlights why there’s a risk, augmenting your security awareness and training (SA&T) program.
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Automatically prevent data exfiltration over email

  • 9 Recipient analysis to detect exfiltration attempt. AI technology will analyze recipient(s) and spot signals that this maybe a personal account linked to the sender.
  • 10 Attachment analysis. Attachments are analyzed for sensitive content and verified against the intended recipient(s).
  • 11 Message body analysis. The message body is analyzed for key behavioral signals and indications of exfiltration.

Interested in how Egress would help your organization enhance Microsoft 365 security?


What our customers say

Hear from companies and organizations who use Egress to enhance their Microsoft 365 security.

We selected Egress Defend and Egress Prevent as added security layers in our Microsoft 365 environment to ensure we are minimizing our risk profile.

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Gartner Market Guide for Email Security

Egress is recognized as a Representative Vendor in the February 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security report.

According to Gartner, "the migration to cloud email platforms continues along with a significant increase in the number of phishing attacks. Security and risk management leaders should evaluate the native capabilities offered by cloud email systems and ensure that they are adequate to prevent sophisticated attacks."

You can use a Market Guide to understand how the status of an emerging market aligns with your future plans. In addition, since Gartner has published over 100 Market Guide research notes, IT and strategic leaders can gain a broad view of many markets, including mature and smaller markets, in an easy-to-read format.

Preventing email data loss in Microsoft 365

Download our report for insight into email security and data loss in Microsoft 365 and why its native security needs augmenting with intelligent email security.

Crawford & Company selects Egress Defend and Prevent to enhance Microsoft 365 email security

Discover why Crawford & Company selected Egress to defend their organization against advanced phishing attacks and email data loss.

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Egress Intelligent Email Security

Protect against sophisticated inbound and outbound email threats without creating productivity roadblocks.

Inbound threat protection
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Egress Defend

Protects against advanced phishing threats.
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Outbound threat protection
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Egress Prevent

Protects against accidental and malicious data loss.
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Egress Protect

Secure, certified end-to-end email encryption.
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Egress Security Center

Egress Intelligent Email Security products are managed from the Egress Security Center admin console.
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