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Egress Security Center

A single portal that enables risk analysis, reporting and incident triage, investigation and response for all Egress Intelligent Email Security products.

Reduce the burden of administration

Egress Security Center provides the tools for administrators and security analysts to maximize the value of Egress Intelligent Email Security. Reporting, analytics and incident response and remediation capabilities enable IT administrators and security analysts to execute their highest priority tasks.

1 Protection Value

Reduce time to protection and value

Egress products are rapidly commissioned onto the Intelligent Security platform.

1 Reduce Mean Time

Reduce mean time to respond

Email security orchestration, automation and response (M-SOAR) tools accelerate incident response.

1 Email Sec Orchestration

Identify user behavior changes and training requirements

Correlate multiple indicators of human activated risk to identify highly targeted and vulnerable users.

1 Roi

Demonstrate return on investment 

Report on the potential data breaches that Egress has prevented and show improved user awareness over time.

Rapid, easy deployment

Tailor Egress Intelligent Email Security to meet your organization’s individual needs.


2 Balance

Balance user friction and security

Align your Egress policy with your risk appetite by tailoring the information that is presented to users when high risk is evident.

2 Regulations

Comply with regulations

Access a full audit log of Security Center activity for regulatory compliance and incident investigation.

Reduce mean time to respond

Easy to use, email focused orchestration, automation and response capabilities enable rapid incident triage, investigation, and remediation of all matching threats across your email platform.

3 Accurate Threat

Accurate threat classification 

Headers, links, IOCs, and a visual representation of the original email enable analysts to quickly and accurately classify and remediate threats.

3 Rapid Triage

Rapidly triage user reported threats

Optional alerts and granular search accelerate prioritization and investigation of user reported phishing incidents.


Identify potential breaches prevented

Real-time reporting of potential breaches prevented as a result of human activated risk involving misaddressed emails, incorrect attachments, excessive recipients, and other accidental and malicious data exfiltration incidents.


4 Measure

Measure the severity of prevented breaches

Reports identify sender, recipients and content of emails blocked following user prompt acceptance.

4 Identify

Identify exfiltration attempts 

Alerts and granular searches reveal accidental and malicious attempts to exfiltrate sensitive information, including user prompt rejection.

Quantify human activated risk

Identify your most targeted and vulnerable users, based on past inbound and outbound email activities, to inform security awareness training requirements.

5 Target User

Identify targeted and vulnerable users

Correlates multiple sources of threat data to highlight the risk profile of individual users.

5 Behaviour Change

Measure behavior change

Reports levels of user engagement with phishing emails and interactions with Egress prompt advice over time.