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This page contains all the information customers and users need to understand how security is managed at Egress. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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Technology overview

Egress Server Infrastructure (ESI) delivers a highly scalable and robust security infrastructure to a global market. As the backbone of the Egress secure collaboration service, Egress Software have invested a great deal of time and resources into ensuring Egress is the most secure and scalable service on the market today.

Customers demand absolute reliability and 100% uptime of the Egress security service. The core Egress architecture incorporates the perfect balance of the highest security with global resilience and scalability.

Egress utilises identity-based AES 256-bit encryption using FIPS 140-2 approved cryptographic libraries. This provides the highest level of security for complete end to end data exchange. Egress hides the complexity of encryption using a revolutionary patent protected architecture and is the true evolution of PKI based encryption systems.

Security overview

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