CrowdStrike technology integration

Identity-driven email security powered by intel from global cybersecurity leader CrowdStrike.

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Multi-dimensional human risk data

Combine users’ email risk with that of their identities to experience a more holistic view of their risk factors and vulnerabilities.

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Adaptive security architecture

Automatically adapt each user’s security policy based on their risk score, enriched by data from CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection.

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Identity-driven threat intelligence

Get a better understanding of the potential threat each user poses to determine remedial efforts and strengthen your human firewall.

Quantify user risk through multiple sources

"Combining telemetry from endpoints, identity, email threat intelligence and OSINT, we’re not only able to talk about security being everyone’s responsibility, but visualise it, shining a spotlight on areas and individuals we’d not previously considered as being a risk."

Transform Egress Human Risk management

with data from CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection to deliver a multi-dimensional view of user risk.


Risk shouldn’t be determined by a single source

Egress’ Human Risk Management generates aggregated individual risk scores by combining multiple sources of data, including:

  • Egress product telemetry

  • Open-source intelligence

  • Role-, title-, and tenure-based risk data

  • Behavioral data

  • Endpoint activity and identity-based factors
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Add dimension with identity

The CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection Risk Score represents the estimated likelihood of an account being successfully breached based on identity factors like account characteristics, results of the account’s activities, and the metadata associated with the account (i.e., organizational security information).

By incorporating this identity lens into your understanding of human risk, you get a clearer picture of the types of threats your users may be exposing your organization to, alongside an adaptive security architecture that eliminates administrative overhead.

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The Egress + CrowdStrike Integration helps you:

  • Quantify user risk and correlate risk insights between identity, endpoint and email threats to identify areas of potential compromise not previously identified.

  • Reduce time to respond by correlating risk changes across multiple sources to detect potential threats like compromised accounts and lateral movement.

  • Automate changes to users’ security policy based on their risk to ease administrative burden and deliver tailored protection.

  • Get better context regarding risk score changes to understand exactly why a user’s risk has changed and how it could impact security.

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How to enable Egress Human Risk Management and CrowdStrike Integration

Read our support article on getting set up with Egress + CrowdStrike

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What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

Customer stories

“By integrating identity, SAT, and email threat intelligence together our analysts are able to shine a light on behavioural-based threats in ways we couldn’t previously and significantly lower our risk profile.”

“Combining multiple vendors’ varied risk scores is very exciting; I’m not aware of another email security product on the market that can do this.”

“As CrowdStrike Identity Protection customer we are keen to see identity and endpoint telemetry integrated into our human risk scores to highlight risk in previously overlooked areas.”

Success stories told first-hand.

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Software to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

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