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Inbound phishing attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated every month. Get the latest intelligence to share with your users and keep your organization safe.

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See for yourself how Egress Defend stops advanced phishing attacks in our two-part tour:

Explore the Admin Console Tour to identify email risks, investigate threats, and remediate them. Or, try the User Inbox Tour to see how Defend analyzes email content, evaluates relationships, and displays warning banners.

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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report: January - March insights

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Protect against advanced phishing threats

Enhance your protection against phishing attacks. Egress Defend combines intelligent detection technologies to reduce human activated risk and protect against advanced phishing threats.


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At Egress Software Technologies, we always strive to provide the highest levels of security and keep your data safe at all times. This page provides information on how to recognize and report potential email phishing attacks.

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