Inbound phishing attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated every month. Get the latest intelligence to share with your users and keep your organization safe.


Threat intelligence

The AI arms race between attackers and defenders

Learn how cyber attackers weaponize artificial intelligence to race against defenders and wreak havoc on organizations.

Everyone knows about phishing – so why is it still an unsolved problem?

We spoke to three cybersecurity experts to learn why phishing is still such an unsolved problem and why training alone isn't enough to prevent mistakes.

How phishing gangs weaponize the 24-hour news cycle

Learn how attackers use headlines to supercharge their phishing campaigns.

Sextortion phishing attacks up by 334%

Sextortion attacks are rising – learn the warning signs and how to advise targeted users. 


Phishing topics

Stop sophisticated inbound phishing attacks

Even though phishing attacks aren’t new, the problem keeps getting worse. Detecting and stopping phishing more effectively requires a combination of more intelligent techniques.

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Hear from our experts on the latest threats and & to prevent them

HMRC and payroll phishing emails increase by 317% ahead of tax deadline

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What is phishing; The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about phishing in one place

Spot the Phish

Take our interactive quiz to decide whether these 8 emails are genuine or phishing scams – use your cursor to hover over elements like emails or links to check if they’re legitimate!

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Protect against advanced phishing threats

Enhance your protection against phishing attacks. Egress Defend combines intelligent detection technologies to reduce human activated risk and protect against advanced phishing threats.

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Egress Defend

Stop sophisticated inbound phishing attacks