Spear phishing, whale phishing, barrel phishing, smishing & vishing


Spear phishing

A guide to spearphishing

Spear phishing can be seen as a more sophisticated form of phishing. Both kinds of attacks attempt to trick victims into volunteering sensitive, commercially valuable information, predominantly through email.

How spear phishing attacks catch employees out

Learn the tactics cybercriminals use to trick employees into interacting with phishing emails. 

Five top tips to avoid spear phishing attacks

Discover our top five tips for protecting your business from spear phishing attacks.

Spear phishing attacks: Top 7 signs to watch out for

Spear phishing is a major risk for US businesses. Discover the 7 signs you need to look out for.


Other types of phishing to watch out for

Smishing Quishing Vishing Scams 600X400
What are smishing, vishing, and quishing scams?

You've heard of phishing - now learn about the scams that arrive via SMS, voice call, and QR code. 

What exactly is whaling?

What is a whaling attack, and how can you avoid it? Here's all you need to know.

What’s “double-barrel phishing” – and should you be concerned?

Double-barrel phishing is a clever phishing tactic - but there are ways to beat it. Find out everything you need to know here.

Egress Products

How to prevent phishing attacks

Stop people interacting with phishing emails and reduce inbound risk through a combination of intelligent technologies.