KnowBe4 technology integration

AI-powered adaptive email security and training.

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Reduce human risk with Adaptive Security

Egress’ and KnowBe4’s Adaptive Security models will automatically adjust email policy and enroll users in specific training based on the types of threats they see and their level of risk.

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Leverage bi-directional user risk data

KnowBe4’s Personal Risk Score feeds into Egress’ Human Risk Management for enhanced risk analysis, while Egress' risk intelligence feeds into KnowBe4 KMSAT for event timeline visualization and automated behavior-based training.

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Gain actionable intelligence

By correlating KnowBe4 and Egress data, you’re able to expedite threat investigation by spotting anomalies in typically low-risk employees, while also being able to effectively gauge the impact of training efforts and demonstrate ROI.

For the first time ever,

Experience the power of risk-informed adaptive security to deliver tailored email protection for each of your users based on their training activity, while simultaneously informing KnowBe4 of user security events to automate remedial training needs.

"It’s critical that we’re able to deliver quality training and realistic phishing simulations that prepare users for real attacks – which can be achieved using live threat intelligence. Our partnership with Egress enables our customers to deliver individualized security coaching that drives behavioral change and reduces overall risk.”

Egress and KnowBe4 join forces

to deliver the world’s first fully automated email security and awareness training solutions.


Risk shouldn’t be determined by a single source

Egress’ Human Risk Management automatically adapts user security policy based on multiple sources of risk data, including:

  • Egress product telemetry

  • Open-source intelligence

  • Role-, title-, and tenure-based risk data

  • Behavioral data

  • Security awareness training data

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Level-up your intel

By feeding intel about user behavior in email and the types of threats they see back to KnowBe4, you’re able to dynamically populate ‘Smart Groups’ to deliver fully automated behavioral-based training and simulation campaigns, ensuring users are prepared to face the threats unique to them.

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The Egress + KnowBe4 Integration helps you:

  • Quantify user risk through multiple sources and benchmark against similar users to identify problem areas and inform remedial efforts.

  • Get better context regarding risk score changes to understand exactly why their risk has changed and how it could impact security.

  • Effectively identify anomalous events and sudden changes in any area of user risk to stop threats before they materialize.

  • Reduce administrative burden by automatically increasing the Egress security policy for each individual to ensure the right levels of protection are present where they are needed the most.

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How to enable Egress Human Risk Management and KnowBe4 Integration

Read our support article on getting set up with Egress + KnowBe4

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Quantify user risk through multiple sources

“This is not just another product dashboard! By gathering data from multiple sources, including our SAT data from KnowBe4, Egress allows us to shine a spotlight on areas of risk we’d not previously considered, giving us the opportunity to mitigate potential compromise with a matured set of eyes.”

What our customers say

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

Customer stories

“Cybercriminals work together all the time - but this isn’t always the case in the cybersecurity industry. It's awesome to see Egress and KnowBe4 partnering for the benefit of their customers.”

“I was excited to be a beta customer for Egress’ adaptive security architecture. We now have a single unique view into human risk, and Egress takes it one step further by automating defenses based on this.”

“As a customer of Egress and KnowBe4, we can now jointly leverage the capability of both products, giving us an even more accurate view of risk across our organization.”

Success stories told first-hand.

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Software to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

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