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Secure file and data sharing

How to avoid data breaches with safe file transfer

What's the safest way to do a large file transfer?

Using a less-than-ideal method for large file transfers could result in a data breach – find out which is most secure. 

What is managed file transfer?

Managed file transfer is a platform or software which allows the secure sharing of data from one system to the next. Learn about its key benefits.

How does email cause insider data breaches?

Lisa Forte, Social Engineering & Insider Threat Expert, Cyber Security Speaker & Vlogger, explores the risk email poses to organisations and how to prevent data breaches as employees use email to share data.

What can we learn from the data breaches at Dropbox and Yahoo?

Much has been written in the last few weeks about the huge data breaches at Dropbox and Yahoo, two of the higher profile stories amongst a string of tech companies that have seen approximately three billion customer credentials compromised in the last four years.

Data & file sharing articles

How to send files, email attachments, and data safely

Prevent data breaches caused by human error

Many successful breaches start with an unintentional error by a trusted user. But roadblocks aren’t the answer. Empower users to work more securely.

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Understanding insider data breaches

Egress Products

Share files and collaborate securely

Whether sensitive data is entering your business from a third party or being shared by your people – make sure you’ve got the tools to keep it secure.

Inbound threat protection
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Secure Web Form

Digitalize inbound data flows with customizable online forms
Outbound threat protection
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Secure Workspace

Share files and collaborate securely in encrypted workspaces