Thought Leadership

How does email cause insider data breaches?

by Egress
Published on 22nd Jul 2020

Whatever sector your organisation operates in, email plays a huge part in the daily lives of your people. With simple file sharing, easy communication with external partners or clients and near-instant individual and team messaging, it’s one of the most valuable tools at our disposal.

However, the ubiquity of email means that it has huge potential for data breaches, both intentional and accidental. As a tool, email was designed to be quick and efficient, not to be totally secure. As the way we use email changes, it’s vital to understand the problems it poses. Through both malicious attacks and legitimate misdirected emails, there’s a huge risk of leaking sensitive information.

In this video, Social Engineering & Insider Threat Expert, Cyber Security Speaker & Vlogger Lisa Forte explains why human behaviours contribute to the increased risks posed to organisations by email. Watch it to see her recommendations on the steps your organisation can take to help prevent data breaches caused by your employees.