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Intelligent email security that won't disrupt your team

Legal professionals require email security that helps them protect sensitive data without hindering productivity.

That’s why we use contextual machine learning to detect when individuals are about to send an email or attachment to the wrong recipient and ensure that the right level of security is applied to sensitive data.

At Wotton+Kearney, outbound protection is provided by Egress Prevent, which stops users from sending misdirected emails, those with misspelled addresses and emails that contain both a password-protected file and the password.

“We detect and warn staff on data exfiltration attempts from sending emails to their personal accounts,” says Mahesh Belagali, Information Technology Security Manager at W+K

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Muckle protects sensitive legal client information with their email security approach

Egress Prevent provides a further layer of security to our already robust approach. It helps with both client retention and the winning of new ones. From a governance point of view, Egress Prevent helps maintain the integrity of client data and demonstrates that we’ve taken the necessary steps to reduce human error when emailing.

How we deliver for law firms

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Intelligent DLP for email

We help law firms solve the problem of data leakage via email to prevent both accidental and intentional breaches.

Our contextual machine learning technology matches recipients with the content in an email body and attachments to prevent client files from being shared in error internally and externally.

Our technology dynamically learns from individual users’ everyday behavior, and we can also build advanced DLP rules based on established relationships.

With Egress, you can:

  • Maintain client confidentiality by preventing data leakage
  • Minimize friction for your end users while mitigating the risk of a human-activated data breach
  • Protect your reputation by preventing email data breaches
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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report: January - March insights

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Making email security easy

We understand that people avoid email security tools that are difficult to use, putting data at risk. That's why we use contextual machine learning and advanced DLP to analyze individual users' data-sharing patterns. Our helpful prompts are only triggered when data is at risk and we can automate the right level of encryption for sensitive information - all of which reduces user fatigue. 

Our Smart Authentication also reduces friction for recipients when opening our encrypted emails. Again, using our contextual machine learning, we determine the level of risk to sensitive data and dynamically adapt authentication to match.  

How can Egress help?

  • Contextual machine learning tailors security to individual users
  • Automate security to reduce error and employee fatigue
  • Smart authentication minimizes friction for recipients
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Customer stories

"Egress exceeded our expectations and met all of our business requirements as sending an encrypted email was as simple as sending a normal email."

"Egress just works. It’s practically seamless from an end-user and technical perspective. We don’t have to constantly interact with it — it just does what it needs to do, and life is wonderful."

"Users receive the right alerts at the right time, helping boost user compliance and positively influencing user behavior."

Gartner Peer Insights

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"Egress Prevent has provided another layer to our email security to prevent data breaches. The admin dashboard provides very helpful data on the firm's email usage."

IT Manager in the Services (non-Government) industry

May 03, 2023

"Excellent - the team were helpful and clear throughout the process, and the end product is working well."

Senior Legal Specialist in the Government industry

Feb 22, 2023

"The reporting dashboard has made risk reporting very easy to present and we have demonstratably reduced data incidents."

CISO in the Services (non-Government) industry

Oct 19, 2022

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