Customer story: Muckle

Muckle protects sensitive legal client information with their email security approach
Published on 19th Apr 2022
Muckle protects sensitive legal client information with their email security approach
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Muckle protects sensitive legal client information with their email security approach

Muckle LLP is a leading commercial law firm, providing specialist legal services to small- to medium-sized businesses, large corporates, listed companies, and public sector and third sector bodies. The firm services clients from its office in Newcastle upon Tyne, providing business people with first-class expert advice.

The Challenge

Covering all aspects of commercial law from its office in Newcastle upon Tyne, Muckle LLP provides specialist legal services to small and large businesses. As a legal firm, protecting their clients by ensuring communication confidentiality and data integrity was key to their ongoing operations. If personal or highly sensitive privileged data were leaked to an unauthorized recipient, the results could be catastrophic.

"Unlike some of the competitor solutions available, we found that Egress offered more features within a single subscription, meaning we could provide higher levels of protection and whilst making our security budget go further!"

The Solution

Muckle needed to deploy intelligent email protection that ensured that sensitive communication stayed safe and private while allowing easy, lag-free user access. After evaluating numerous potential solutions and performing a proof- of-concept, the firm selected Egress based on its robust security capabilities, competitive pricing, and ease of use.

"Egress Prevent provides a further layer of security to our already robust approach. It helps with both client retention and the winning of new ones. From a governance point of view, Egress Prevent helps maintain the integrity of client data and demonstrates that we’ve taken the necessary steps to reduce human error when emailing. Using Egress Analytics, we’re also able to understand our risk profile and evolve our strategy over time."

The Results

  • Control: Hands-on control gives administrators the flexibility to quickly and effectively customize policy sets without vendor intervention
  • Compliance: Contextual machine learning technology proactively helps users avoid misdirecting email, thus ensuring industry compliance regulations are met and building customer confidence
  • Convenience: Intelligent data loss prevention provides mobile protection without negatively impacting productivity

About Egress

Egress helps protect unstructured data to meet compliance requirements and drive business productivity. The company’s AI-powered platform enables users to control and secure the data they share.