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Finance Organizations

Protecting sensitive financial data

Financial institutions handle, process and share significant amounts of sensitive data. This includes investor and banking customer data and corporate IP. With heightened threats from misdirected emails and phishing attacks, organisations face considerable risk of a data breach, followed by the associated regulatory fines and damaged reputation.

Egress Intelligent Email Security uses contextual machine learning to proactively help users avoid falling victim to phishing attacks and sending emails to the wrong recipients, helping them ensure compliance, maintain privacy and keep customer confidence.


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How we help finance organizations

Aid regulatory compliance

Our intelligent security ensures you comply with the latest information security standards delivered by regulators including the FCA and ICO.

Keeping employees secure

The majority of data breaches are human activated. We help hundreds of financial services providers, including 3 of the top 5 UK banks, avoid data breaches over email.

Security and control

We combine encryption with sophisticated auditing and control functionality, providing you with comprehensive security and visibility of risk in your email network.

What our customers say

Egress Prevent and Protect form a key part of our email security strategy, making FBN more secure as an organization by significantly reducing the risk of data loss on email.

It’s ideal, as our users don’t have to change their behaviours; the software automatically helps them.

Egress' email and file protection is unbelievably stable and works exactly the way we want it to work. It’s so seamless, we don’t even notice it.

Story Solutions Bank 360X377

Top 5 global bank

One of the largest financial services providers in the world, with over 120,000 employees in 34 countries, 'Bank X' faces significant challenges securing sensitive client and corporate data shared via email.

In response, they selected Egress Prevent and Egress Protect to prevent misdirected emails and apply message level encryption to sensitive data.

With the Egress Inteligent Email Security suite, you can:

    • Prevent misdirected emails
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
    • Protect business reputation


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