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Protecting patients’ sensitive data

Our Intelligent Email Security suite protects patient data for some of the biggest global healthcare companies and the UK's National Health Service (NHS) - the largest employer of highly skilled professionals in the world.

The Egress platform enables healthcare professionals to securely share and collaborate on sensitive information. In the UK, this works regardless of third-party access to NHSmail and NHS SFTP.

As a result, healthcare workers of all types can focus on delivering the highest standard of care, confident that they are complying with data protection requirements, including HIPAA, GDPR, and NHS information governance, and are protecting their patients' welfare.

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Well pharmacy uses Egress Prevent to stop email data loss in Microsoft 365

"The solution was incredibly quick and simple to deploy, making life easy for us on the Security team, and we began to see value immediately."

How we empower healthcare organizations

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HCA Healthcare

Operating across 162 hospitals globally and with over 200,000 staff, HCA treats 500,000 patients annually. Recognizing the volume of sensitive patient data being shared externally via email, HCA decided to implement an end-to-end secure email solution.

HCA selected Egress to provide a solution that not only encrypts and protects patient data, but also integrates with existing infrastructure and is simple for busy medical staff to use.

Why do HCA use Egress?

  • Easy-to-use email security
  • Protects sensitive data globally
  • Delivers efficiency and cost savings
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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report: January - March insights

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Spire Healthcare

As one of the UK's leading private healthcare providers, Spire's employees often have to share highly confidential patient information with a range of stakeholders, including patients, other internal staff, suppliers, and NHS hospitals. As an outsource partner to the NHS, it also remains vitally important that Spire meets all necessary compliance requirements.

By using Egress Protect, Spire is able to ensure that the appropriate security is applied to all patient data, and that they remain in control at all times, even once an email has reached a recipient’s inbox.

Some of the outcomes Spire have driven using Egress are:

  • Delivering efficiency and cost savings
  • Protecting sensitive data on email, end-to-end
  • Applying appropriate security based on email content
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Read about the worldwide healthcare organizations that trust Egress to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

Customer stories

Without Egress, we would have had to buy at least five different systems to meet our information-sharing requirements – so it has provided a huge cost saving to us as an organization.

This control and auditing functionality has enabled us to remain compliant with the NHS IG policies, which is a key part of ensuring the ongoing success of our partnership with the NHS.

Using Egress Protect, our staff can now securely share a variety of information simply and efficiently. Consequently, they can focus on the real task at hand: providing the highest quality care and medical service for our patients.

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"Egress Protect has been pivotal in communication with certain clients where security is essential. The plug-in is seamless with zero friction, highly recommend."

Marketing Manager in the Healthcare and Biotech industry

Mar 07, 2023

"Our experience with Egress thus far has been nothing short of amazing. The product is easy to install, roll-out to production was done seamlessly."

Information Security Specialist in the Healthcare and Biotech industry

Apr 04, 2023

"Really happy with the whole onboarding process from start to finish. Solution has delivered exactly what we were promised."

Finance & IT Director in the Healthcare and Biotech industry

Feb 23, 2023

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