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Email security solution buyer’s guide – new from Osterman Research

We can use this line for a teaser: This guide outlines the process a buyer should follow to augment their existing email security with a new solution.

Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES): Why you need it

What are ICES solutions, how did they come about, and why do you need one?

Take a holistic approach to email security to reduce vendor sprawl

The proliferation of security tools has reached new heights and rather than improving security posture, the mantra of best-of-breed is having a detrimental effect.

M-SOAR is a critical component of ICES to reduce MTTR to email threats

What are the alternatives to M-SOAR, and why is M-SOAR is a popular choice to help SecOps teams meet their mean time to respond (MTTR) targets?

Email security insights

Microsoft 365 email security

What is email security and secure mail?