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Egress and G Suite: data security in the cloud

by Egress
Published on 16th Apr 2018

Working in the cloud helps you be more productive and keeps overheads low. It’s just easier. But what if you’re looking to move to cloud hosted environments and you’re worried about no longer being in control of your data security?

Introducing the Egress add-in for G Suite. Thanks to our new Chrome extension, you get message encryption at rest within G Suite environments, plus encryption and decryption right in the browser window. This includes full policy and DLP customisation for being able to choose exactly the kind of security you want to apply to messages and attachments: security for all situations. Sending content to an external domain? Mandate encryption with restricted-access permissions. Sharing business sensitive data? Choose internal only to prevent accidental or malicious leaks.

Worried about how to recall emails in Gmail?

Worry not. The Egress add-in provides real-time revoke access tools for secure emails. Undo send at any time, not just in a small window of time straight afterwards.

Not only that, with our Egress Prevent solution, Egress G Suite integration provides protection against misaddressing emails. This way, you might find you stop needing to recall emails at all – every message goes to the right person, every time.

How to send encrypted emails in G Suite

With G Suite integration for the Egress platform, it’s easy to send encrypted emails and attachments. Just press the message security icon and choose the security you want to add to the message. Any encryption policies your organisation is using will pull through, so whether you need to send an internal-only message or send a document with access restrictions to prevent downloading, you can do this directly from the Gmail interface.

So message-level encryption in Gmail is here. After sending, you can also use the add-in to easily check the audit log, accept new access requests or revoke access to the recipients in real-time. It's also a breeze for recipients to decrypt secure emails directly within their browser window.

How to prevent misaddressing emails in G Suite

The easiest way to avoid embarrassing message recalls in Gmail is to not send misaddressed emails in the first place. Impossible? No. With an Egress Prevent integration, you get real-time advice and recommendations on who you’re emailing. Machine learning technology understands the groups you tend to email and warns you when you’re about to make a mistake, like adding the wrong Bob to a sensitive email.


It also points out spelling mistakes in email addresses and warns you when you’re about to email someone for the first time. This is all available directly within the Gmail message pane. Egress Prevent helps make human error data breaches a thing of the past, helping you ensure you’re sending to the right people, preventing embarrassing mistakes but also avoiding potential fines and reputation damage.


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