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Secure online file sharing and collaboration

by Egress
Published on 1st Feb 2017

The challenge

Insecure sharing is a shortcut to a data breach. Whether sharing data online or via email, it’s crucial to protect it effectively or else risk data loss. Make it easy. If your staff don’t like using the security technology you implement, they won’t use it. Egress Secure Workspace. Our secure online file sharing and collaboration solution helps teams work on documents and enables secure file sharing for businesses. Egress email encryption allows you to send encrypted emails and attachments straight from Outlook or your browser, with full access control.

How to share securely

  • Encrypt data at rest and in transit. And use dedicated cloud storage accredited to ISO27001/ 9001 for end-to-end protection without compromising ease of use.
  • Secure online collaboration. Never lose documents in an email thread again. Collaborate securely in real-time, with full version control.
  • Keep control. Manage how recipients use shared data. Revoke access, change access permissions and prevent downloads.
  • Secure emails with one-click. Integration with Outlook and Office 365 helps you protect and share data easily with no file size restrictions.

Download our Windows desktop app for Office 365 integration

Total control over shared information

  • Revoke access. Stop access to content you’ve shared. Prevent data breaches, fix mistakes and control your data at all times.
  • Manage users with fine-grained control. Set bespoke user roles to control how people interact with your data, including view-only access.
  • Add additional security measures. Set time limits on shared documents, prevent downloading and editing, and add multi-factor authentication.
  • View audit logs and access reports. Maintain regulatory compliance with a complete picture on who is sharing sensitive data and who has access.

Protect your data in all situations

  • Submit and manage digital evidence. Provide a service for accepting and managing digital evidence files from citizens and other stakeholders.
  • Transfer digital legal documents securely. Save on administrative and material costs and implement a secure court document transfer process.
  • Work on contracts in a locked-down environment. Annotate PDFs and work on projects with third-parties, with full auditing and controlled release.
  • End reliance on shared drives. Move files between the desktop and online storage at the click of a button.