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Business email compromise (BEC)

BEC attacks are some of the most financially damaging phishing attacks. They rely on sophisticated social engineering – so make sure you know the signs and how to protect your organization.

BEC in 60sec - Business email compromise

Business email compromise, or 'BEC', presents a growing problem for organisations of all sizes. In fact, over 6,000 businesses are targeted each month.


Business email compromise (BEC) explained

What is business email compromise (BEC)?

Learn how to recognise and prevent business email compromise (BEC). 

What is a business email compromise attack?

Learn how to recognise and prevent business email compromise in this expert guide from Egress.

What's the goal of business email compromise (BEC)?

Learn what makes business email compromise such a lucrative form of phishing for cybercriminals. 

Don't let credential theft spiral into business email compromise

Don't let a phishing attack turn into business email compromise. Follow our guide on the actions to take if you ever find yourself the victim of phishing. 

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How to prevent business email compromise (BEC)

Business email compromise (BEC) has proven to be extremely costly to companies, with 96% of phishing attempts delivered by email.

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