Roxel UK opens new doors for innovation with Egress

Using Egress Prevent and Egress Protect, Roxel UK now leverages behavioural-based security to alert users to their mistakes.
Published on 7th Feb 2024
Proactive email DLP
A new way to collaborate and innovate
Increased ROI and value for money
Improved user experience

Moving security from reactive to proactive

As a sub-contractor in the highly regulated defense industry, Roxel UK must ensure employees can communicate securely with customers and suppliers, sharing the right information with the correct recipients and controlling what they can do with that information.

“We had a previous email data loss prevention (DLP) solution in place,” explains Phil Mock, IT Manager at Roxel UK. “However, we weren’t seeing the value. Fundamentally it couldn’t support what we wanted to achieve. It was reactive, relying retrospectively on audit logs and reporting to demonstrate compliance. So, we set out to replace it with something that could proactively enforce security when data was shared, not after the fact – and for less money, as the original tool was quite expensive!”

Enhanced email security and a new way to collaborate

In September 2019, the team at Roxel UK were introduced to Egress through their IT and cybersecurity partner, Digital Space, and evaluated Egress Prevent and Egress Protect. A powerful combination of intelligent DLP and encryption, Prevent and Protect ensure emails are sent to the correct recipients, containing the right information, and protected to the appropriate level relative to risk. In addition, Protect enables employees to securely share large files directly within Microsoft Outlook.

“Prevent and Protect provide the ‘pre-send intervention’ we were looking for,” continues Phil. “Prevent’s prompts get employees to stop and think critically in the moment, empowering them to fix errors before an email is sent and becomes a line item to review on an audit log. Additionally, while employees can choose to encrypt their emails with Protect, we also enforce protection in line with our compliance policies.”

"Prevent and Protect have completely changed our outbound email security. It's night and day to what we had before!"

Phil Mock, Roxel UK Rocket Motors Limited

Subsequently, Roxel UK also invested in Egress Secure Workspace, a secure online file storage, sharing, and collaboration suite. Secure Workspace offers enterprise-grade permissions, limiting the actions that users can take with files, such as restricting content to read-only access within the browser or entirely revoking access to shared content. The product also offers detailed audit logs and enforced file deletion to uphold compliance.

“We use Secure Workspace to share product information with third parties,” explains Adam Bushell, also at Roxel UK. “It’s easy to use for both our employees and their recipients and has opened up new opportunities for us as a business.”

Enabling competitive innovation and protective corporate information

“We’re incredibly happy with how the Egress products have integrated into our environment,” says Phil. “Prevent and Protect have completely changed our outbound email security. It’s night and day to what we had before!”

“Additionally, without Secure Workspace, we wouldn’t be able to work with the small agile firms creating cutting-edge technologies,” states Adam. “Usually, these companies aren’t large enough to have the mature compliance function required to allow them to store our information locally, so our only option would be to exclude them from the process and work with larger companies that have the necessary accreditations. Now, however, they can view information within the browser and then at the end of the project, we remove them from the Secure Workspace zone and delete the content. It’s opened so many doors for us.”

"Without Secure Workspace, we wouldn't be able to work with the small agile firms creating cutting-edge technologies."

Adam Bushell, Roxel UK Rocket Motors Limited

The introduction of Egress solutions also encountered no pushback from employees, who understand the value the solutions offer. “It’s the same in every organization: people are hired to do a job and they don’t want security getting in the way of that,” concludes Phil. “However, Egress is helping us to foster a positive security culture by securing the work they do without getting in the way unnecessarily. We’ve also found a fantastic partner in Egress, and our account manager and technical team have offered us invaluable support right from the start.”

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