Quality Policy

Find information on Egress Software Quality Policy statements and objectives.

Quality Policy Statement

The Egress Software Technologies Group (the Group, We, Our) delivers a secure platform that enables enterprises to protect their unstructured data. Our core values of Be Bold, Be A Bar Raiser, Own It and Do The Right Thing support Our commitment to quality management.

Our quality policy demonstrates the commitment to consistently meet or exceed the demand and requirements of Our customers and the regulatory bodies, through aligning with the ISO9001 standard.

We adopt a continuous improvement approach by monitoring the propositions and customer experience We provide against the quality objectives to identify any gaps or areas requiring improvement. This ensures quality operates across all areas of the business.

Senior management review these objectives annually or whenever a significant change has taken place within the business or the business environment, to confirm the appropriateness to the organisation.

Quality Policy Objectives

  1. Make the Group the Category Leader through the delivery of best-in-class products, services, and engagement.
  2. Retain customers by providing an unparalleled customer experience.
  3. Optimise customer engagement touchpoints across all functions to maximise customer NPS scores.
  4. Implement deployment processes that ensure products are delivered consistently, effectively and to required timescales.
  5. Grow business organically by delivering industry leading propositions that customers want and need.
  6. Align Our practices to the ISO9001 standard so that quality permeates throughout the organisation.

How Do We Monitor Quality

To ensure quality throughout the business, We monitor the teams that are customer facing, and the teams that directly affect Our products.

Some key metrics we measure are:

  • Deployment success.
  • Customer retention.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Expansion and retention.
  • Customer Support SLAs such as calls and chats answered.
  • Customer issues.
  • Bugs and features.