Egress Prevent datasheet

Defend against human error and data exfiltration with intelligent email DLP.
Published on 31st May 2024

Organizations lose data daily through human error, negligence, and malicious behavior. Egress Prevent uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning to stop email data loss incidents before they happen. Part of the Intelligent Email Security platform, Egress Prevent leverages an adaptive security architecture, automatically adjusting its security controls based on real-time risk assessments.

Key benefits:

  • Detects and prevents data loss incidents in outbound email
  • Uses an adaptive security architecture to automatically adjust outbound security controls based on risk
  • Lowers administrative overhead with intelligent, self-learning outbound detection
  • Engages users with an unobtrusive, real-time risk assessment as they compose an email
  • Easy to deploy and maintain cloud service
  • Provides visibility and quantifies risk based on user behaviours
Egress Security Center's Prevent dashboard, showing a pie chart of Potential Breaches Prevented and breaking them down by type

Analytics identifies at risk users

Protect against accidental and intentional data loss

Static DLP is unable to prevent breaches caused by unpredictable human behavior. Egress Prevent uses a combination of intelligent technologies, including machine learning, relationship mapping, and contextual content analysis to detect anomalies that are indicative of human error or malicious intent.

Contextual prompts engage users at the point of risk, enabling them to work efficiently and securely, and reinforcing training with real-time teachable moments.

From a governance point of view, Egress Prevent helps maintain the integrity of client data and demonstrates that we’ve taken the necessary steps to reduce human error when emailing.

Andrew Black, Director of IT at Muckle LLP

Key benefits:

  • Automatically detects misaddressed emails and incorrectly attached files
  • Adaptive security architecture provides automatic security controls
  • DLP policies block malicious exfiltration of sensitive information
  • Contextual content analysis of all email parts and attachments to detect sensitive content
  • Relationship mapping and machine learning continually assess contact trust bands to detect incorrect recipients
  • Senders are immediately prompted when anomalous behaviours are detected
  • Integrates with Azure Information Protection to enforce DLP policies


Unlock more value from your existing technology ecosystem investment through native Egress integration with Microsoft 365, SIEM/SOAR, Security Awareness & Training and more.

Quantify risk while lowering admin overhead

The Egress Security Center provides on-demand visibility of each individual user’s risk level, including insight into employees who receive frequent prompts, advice types, responses, and monitoring of intentional exfiltration. When a user’s risk score reaches a high risk threshold, Egress Prevent will dynamically adapt their security policy to enforce stricter prompts, require sending approval, and other increased security measures to stop incidents before they happen.

Cloud-based, mobile device supported, and easy to deploy, Prevent integrates seamlessly into Microsoft 365, augmenting its native security and that offered by secure email gateways (SEGs). In addition, its self-learning detection technologies require minimal configuration and ongoing maintenance from admins.