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Egress integrates Spear Shield’s Managed Phishing Simulation Service into its Human Risk Management platform as part of its unique adaptive security architecture.

Egress and Spear Shield have announced an integration partnership to empower organizations to identify, continuously monitor, and prevent human risk from advanced inbound and outbound email threats.
by Egress
Published on 28th Feb 2024

London, UK - February 28th, 2024 - Egress and Spear Shield have announced an integration partnership to empower organizations to identify, continuously monitor, and prevent human risk from advanced inbound and outbound email threats.

The integration allows Egress to incorporate Spear Shield’s unique Managed Phishing Simulation Service scoring into its adaptive security model as an additional intelligence source. Each user will be assigned their own unique risk score based on the different behaviors they exhibit in their campaigns, including clicks, credential harvesting submissions, historical user interaction analysis and more. Egress will aggregate the engagement data from Spear Shield’s simulations as part of its human risk scoring, which in turn is used to dynamically adjust email security controls based on real-time risk.

Egress is the only cloud email security platform that uses an adaptive security architecture to empower organizations to manage human risk. By aggregating data from across an organization’s cybersecurity ecosystem – including Egress’ product telemetry, security awareness training (SAT) and phishing simulation engagement data, and secure access edge service (SASE) and security service edge (SSE) platforms – Egress generates hyper-accurate human risk scores for each employee to provide individualized inbound and outbound email security that detects and prevents advanced phishing threats, human error, and data exfiltration.

Spear Shield delivers specialist cybersecurity services into its rapidly growing client base. As part of its popular Managed Phishing Simulation Service, Spear Shield helps organizations identify and better understand the risk their people pose. Delivered as a fully managed service, the phishing simulations eliminate administrative overhead to create and run campaigns. Spear Shield uses email threat intelligence data to ensure campaigns simulate the type of inbound email attacks that are currently evading detection from traditional third-party email gateways. Spear Shield customers benefit from interactive training pages, post-campaign user awareness posters and Spear Shield’s LMS style ‘Cyber Academy’ offering to help enhance user education and security awareness. Phishing simulation engagement data is then compiled into exec-ready reporting, alongside industry benchmarking, user behavior insights, and consultative recommendations to help organizations articulate risk back to their businesses.

Today’s announcement will allow joint customers to immediately benefit from automated email security based on Spear Shield’s Managed Phishing Simulation service.

Daniel Hoy, VP of Partnerships at Egress, comments:

“When leading cybersecurity firms come together, we deliver stronger solutions against increasingly sophisticated threats.

“To effectively manage human risk on email, it’s critical that organizations give employees individualized adaptive controls that change based on the way they interact with real and simulated threats. That’s why we’re so thrilled to take our partnership with Spear Shield to the next level. Joint customers will see Egress’ risk score further enhanced by Spear Shield’s data, elevating their visibility into risk and automating their defenses as the threat landscape evolves.”

Max Harper, Director and Owner at Spear Shield, comments:

“We’re excited to announce the Egress and Spear Shield integration, because the value our customers will see is going to be staggering. At Spear Shield, we pride ourselves in offering tailored phishing simulations delivered as a fully managed service, and this new integration with Egress means we’ll be protecting users in the long-term and giving them confidence in email security. I can’t wait to see how this innovation develops and grows.”

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About Egress

As advanced persistent threats continue to evolve, we recognize that people are the biggest risk to organizations’ security and are most vulnerable when using email.

Egress is the only cloud email security platform to continuously assess human risk and dynamically adapt policy controls, preparing customers to defend against advanced phishing attacks and outbound data breaches before they happen. Leveraging contextual machine learning and neural networks, with seamless integration using cloud-native API architecture, Egress provides enhanced email protection, deep visibility into human risk, and instant time to value.

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, Egress is private equity backed with offices in London, Sheffield, Cheltenham, New York, Boston, and Toronto.