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Egress launches AI-powered Abuse Mailbox Automation to cut phishing investigation time by 98%

Integrated cloud email security provider, Egress, has launched Abuse Mailbox Automation for user-reported phishing emails.
by Egress
Published on 9th Apr 2024

London, UK. – 9th April 2024 – Integrated cloud email security provider, Egress, has launched Abuse Mailbox Automation for user-reported phishing emails. The new AI-powered feature instantly inspects and remediates attacks, cutting analyst investigation time by 98%*. 

A feature of the market-leading anti-phishing product Egress Defend, Abuse Mailbox Automation streamlines and elevates threat hunting capability, enabling organizations to immediately respond to threats and dramatically reducing the burden on security analysts.  

On average, 85% of emails reported to abuse mailboxes are false positives. Consequently, traditional manual investigations significantly drain analysts’ time and threat hunting capability is limited by inaccurate and slow user reporting. When legitimate threats are found, administrators previously spent up to 30 minutes investigating and remediating by coding PowerShell scripts, another manual task which is proven to be unreliable with polymorphic attacks. 

Egress Defend now utilizes AI to automate inspection for user-reported phishing emails and instantly remediate attacks across the enterprise. By identifying the key attributes in a phishing campaign, Egress Defend automatically remediates subsequent attacks, while its one-to-many detection capability provides rapid defense against polymorphic attacks.  

The Egress Security Center provides a centralized threat intelligence feed that empowers analysts to quickly understand risk across the enterprise and prioritize resource allocation. Analysts also remain in full control with complete visibility over user reporting and automated investigations, as well as the power to manually investigate and remediate emails. 

Emails can be reported via any mechanism, including the Defend Email Summary page; the Egress Message Reporting web add-in for Microsoft Outlook; and any third-party tool, such as Microsoft’s native phish reporting capability. 

The Egress Defend Abuse Mailbox Automation is available immediately to all existing Egress Defend customers globally. 

“Cybersecurity teams are stretched thin, and their organizations are ultimately at increased risk of an advanced phishing attack slipping through the net. With Security analysts inundated with email investigations, manually managing abuse mailboxes is no longer viable. Our Abuse Mailbox Automation responds to email threats within seconds, streamlining investigations, significantly reducing time to response and the associated resource drain,” comments Tony Pepper, CEO at Egress. 

“Analysts will remain in full control with complete oversight of identified and remediated threats. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for analysts to find what they need to surface priority insights.” 

*Source: Egress Defend